5 Reasons you Should Not Graduate with First Class Degree

Graduating with a First Class is undeniably an achievement to take pride in, yet the post-graduation frustration it brings can be overwhelming. In this discussion, we will explore five (5) reasons why graduating with a First Class degree may not be as advantageous as it seems. It’s crucial to acknowledge that these points reflect the personal opinion of the author and do not necessarily align with the views of Nyscinfo.com. You may also like to read: UNN graduate puts NYSC, BSc certificates for sale over unemployment.

Below is what a Nigerian First Class holder, Adeola twitted (user name is @Rx_Deyholar).

If you aspired to graduate with a First Class or distinction in school but ended up with a Second Class, don’t be disheartened. Read this article to the end to understand why achieving a First Class degree might not be as advantageous as you think.

Note: This article summarizes Adeola’s story, who graduated with a First Class. You may like to see: jobless First class graduate cries out over unemployment.

Five (5) reasons you should not graduate with first class

Below are some reasons you should not graduate with First Class Degree:

1. Too much will be expected from you

A significant level of expectation will be placed on you as a First Class graduate. During interviews, exams, professional courses, and other scenarios, all eyes will be on you. The anticipation is that you will outperform other candidates.

“I ran project management in January. My PMP instructor is an ex to one of my very good friends, so he had an idea. Baba always directed all the tough questions at me and expected me to pull an Einstein every single time…”

2. You must know everything in your field

People won’t accept any excuse for not knowing everything in your field. They won’t acknowledge that you hold only a first degree in your course and are not yet a professor.

“At work 3 days ago, a patient came in with a prescription for Clarithromycin and Cetirizine. Next thing, my boss went, “Deola shey you finished with a first class, oya explain the pharmacokinetics of Clarithromycin.”

3. You must know everything about anything

People will expect you to know everything about anything, even things outside your field or beyond your scope. They will expect you to build a helicopter simply because you graduated with a First Class degree.

“After devotion one morning, my kid brother complained that the iron wasn’t working. Mom said, give Deola, let him check it”.

4. You must be an entrepreneur

People will expect you to create a job for yourself and also for people around you. If not, they will regard you as a fool who merely sought favors from professors to attain a First Class during your time in school.

5. You must be rich

Wow, this is a serious matter! As a first-class graduate, the expectation is not only to be rich but to be richer than those around you. Otherwise, they will use you as an example of their friend who achieved a first class but isn’t wealthy.

After considering the reasons discussed above for not graduating with a first class, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

17 thoughts on “5 Reasons you Should Not Graduate with First Class Degree”

  1. I don’t expect this kind of post hear, pls we should decolonize our mind set towards this kind of thinking. If the system of our nation today is not encouraging it doesn’t mean we should study to compete with the world standard. We can change the deteriorated system we are in. Nigeria can be great and we must be great. Am submitting to us this kind of thinking shouldn’t be publish in this sensitive forum because it undermine our potentials.

  2. I didn’t agree with this so-called philosophy,everything Allah gives You He will Give You ways of depending it. Stop discouraging people!

  3. Muhammad Bello

    HmmmHighly sensitive beings suffer more but we’re also loving harder. …Impact even somewhat. …👉🏻 coarse implies roughness, rudeness, or crudeness of spirit behavior can’t stop me to being myself,
    _It’s just a little bit of time_
    *إن شاء الله*☝🏻

  4. Does that mean those that graduated with first class should go back nd seek for lower grade……

  5. Linus long mean youmshen

    Anyway to me is a lazy thoughts
    And on the contrary you stand to respected and gain more advantages more than someone with 2nd &3rd class students through the following:
    1: scholarship
    2: employments
    3: political advantage such as appointment etc.
    So pls never be deceive by anyone that you need not graduate with first class I raised my case.

  6. Well, to me on the contrary,
    A student or youth generally should strive very hard (Tru lawful act) to achieve d first class degree.
    However, If it fails at d end. Pray to your Lord to bless it for u.
    Trials is certain, and it can be from any aspect. That is your own field of trial

  7. Bitter Truth…..
    A little mistake in your work firm, they’ll reference your class of graduation..
    Nigeria our country

  8. Owunebe Kingsley

    please this is a discouragement to our youths, instead of encouraging us to graduate with First Class and keep studying for our national betterment you guys are here scaring us.
    have you people forgotten that alot of jobs like military short service now demands for graduates with second class upper instead of lower or even third class like it used to be? am sure very soon they will start demanding for first class graduates because the number of graduates keep increasing day after day.
    As for mgraduated with a first class certificate and am proud of it, am sure God will bless me with it and He’s already blessing me with it.

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