Show Your Certificates – HND Holder Tells BSc Holders

Show Your Certificates Challenge: If you believe a BSc is superior to an HND, let your results do the talking!

University graduates appear to have taken cover since a Polytechnic graduate challenged them to display their academic achievements.

Joseph Glory, a female Corps member, has put university graduates who discriminate against polytechnic graduates on social media in the spotlight. She urged them to share their Certificates instead of merely expressing opinions on social media about the superiority of a BSc over an HND.

In the ongoing debate between University and Polytechnic graduates over whose Certificate commands more respect—BSc or HND—Joseph Glory intervened by calling on university graduates to substantiate their claims by showcasing their Certificates.

Amidst this media skirmish, a female polytechnic graduate remarked that those engrossed in the BSc/HND supremacy debate might be grappling with unemployment. Seeking to diffuse tensions, she encouraged university graduates, who often assert their societal relevance over polytechnic graduates, to participate in the ‘Show Your Certificates Challenge.’ Her message reads:

“Pls oo all the university graduates post ur certificates let’s see what u graduated with ,my case is different I didn’t graduate ,show ur certificate”.

Show Your Certificates

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3 thoughts on “Show Your Certificates – HND Holder Tells BSc Holders”

  1. Indeed I support you my dear, let us see their certificate in order to prove how talent they are ,that would lead them so criticism HND holder’s.

  2. In terms of practical aspects most of the polytechnic students are well known than universities students if I could remember when we were in School those final year students from universities if they came for some sample collection in our school they will jst b surprised and be telling us you people should thank God; seeing the way we are literally to practical aspects conducting it our self Jst for d lecturers to come and supervised,and if you mistakenly ask them anything they will start criticizing their school by saying we normally do theory than practical because we are much our population is high;should I raised the volume?.


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