6 Things Delay In NEXIT Loan Implementation Can Cause

On today’s update about NEXIT Scheme, we will like to share with the general public what the delay in starting the NEXIT loan program fully can lead to. Also check out How to Accept NEXIT Loan Offer when Due (Steps).

The NEXIT program which was launched by the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), is meant to allow the exited Npower volunteers select their preferred exit package from the available packages the program has to offer.

Although, the commencement of NEXIT Registration has taken months beyond normal registration time frame for such scheme, this alone has placed it’s applicants (Exited Npower Batch A & B Beneficiaries) in the dark.

The masses, especially the applicants who have been waiting patiently for the next stage of the NEXIT program are now upset, which is now bringing alot of reactions.

Normally, such situations can make the applicants encounter unwanted injuries that needs to be overcomed.

6 things delay in NEXIT loan implementation can Cmcause

1. Injuries

The injuries we are referring to here could be physical, or metal injury. In a more elaborated way, there can be physical injury if the applicants decided to go for protest. While mental injury will come, as a result of the automatic stress that will spring up due to not having the expected source of income, likewise the anxiety of waiting patiently for months to witness the implementation of the program.

2. Exposure to Scammers

The delay experienced so far can easily make anticipated applicants fall into frauds. For the fact that the applicants are anxious to benefit from the scheme, scammers can build a related webpage or broadcast message in regards to the next stage of the program, thereby capturing applicants attention into their scam trap.

3. Protest

One of the ways the masses unveil their anger, and grievances is through protest. As it is believed that the only thing that can draw the attention of the government is protest.
Therefore, the anxious applicants can enter the street to express their anger by protesting.

4. Fake News

Fake news can be a result of such situation, as everyone wants to draw attention of the general public into their views. Therefore, the delay experienced in the implementation of Nexit program can lead to fake news from several angles.

5. Not being Focused

Applicants can lose focus, as they have anticipated the implementation of the empowerment program for too long. As a result of the delay, they won’t have that strength that was shown during the time of registration, as their interest is fading away gradually.

6. Change in Plan

Most of the applicants now see the Nexit Program as a political game. They now have fear for the entire exited program, as the first introduction was transition and now Nexit options which hasn’t gone anywhere.

It is therefore wrong to delay the implementation further, as any of the above listed things can evolve as a result of the delay experienced so far.

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