6 Things You Should Consider Before Making a Career Change

It’s usually the idea for someone to be at their recent work until retirement, but, today it’s a different ball game altogether.

6 Things You Should Consider Before Making a Career Change

It’s now a frequent incidence where people change from one workplace to another (company or fields) because of career dissatisfaction, need for new challenges, an adjustment in values and goals, lack of passion, and work flexibility.

You may have a better job offer or flexibility at the next job offer or career but before you hand in your two weeks’ notice, take a look at these few pointers before making a switch to a new career field.

1. What’s your reason for a career change?

This looks like a straightforward question, but it’s not so. Is your job a false belief, or you don’t like your boss- this is valid. But you have to be very sure beyond a reasonable doubt that you want to make a change because you have dedicated your time and energy to creating an impact on the job; leaving your whole career is extreme.

Think about the satisfaction you have had since working in your current field, and if it’s more significant, it merely means that something about the management or rules is making you unsatisfied. If not, then you can take the leap and change lanes.

2. Can you afford the change?

Have you taken into consideration your new job? Probably in a new field or practice or environment or unemployed, all this can be expensive.

You have to ask yourself, “how do I sustain myself during this period? You may end up going further in your education or getting certifications in your new field. Can you carry such a financial burden?

If you go through all these ideas and how it might affect everything you have laboured for and are content with, then a change is needed, but if not, you need to reconsider and plan things out before making such a move!

3. How will it impact your loved ones?

Are you married and carry the financial burden in the family? Are your parents and siblings dependent on you?

If there are people dependent on you, ask yourself these questions: How does your new work schedule affect them?

Will they get the opportunity to see you regularly? Will they keep on having comparative ways of life, or will they need to roll out significant improvements?

Will your spouse have the option to proceed at their specific employment? Is relocation on the table?

You have to think about how this change will affect them and improve people’s lifelines depending on you; unless you have no one dependent on you, you are good to go. Therefore, while making a change, ensure it doesn’t hurt your loved ones.

4. Are you willing and ready to start over again?

You must have been at the top of the ladder in your field or company in your current position. Have you considered the fact you will start from the scratch-bottom in your new area of practice and work your way up?

Some employers will love to see your competence before engaging you with more responsibilities. So, the real question is, do you want to start from the bottom?

5. Are you well equipped for the new position?

As you apply for a new position in a new field, do you have what it takes; skills, qualifications, and requirements to fill in the post? This is a significant reason why people aren’t so intent on changing careers. Ensure you have what it is taking before changing lanes.

6. How much change would a career switch bring?

As we have enumerated a lot of points above, here is something essential to take home with. Will it truly transform anything for you? Do you truly dislike your field, or is it merely your present situation that troubles you? Is there more joy if you moved elsewhere or in your new area?

What is your forecast for the future in your proposed more career? Have you thought you want to take this leap and are sure it’s what you want?

You have to assure yourself that it’s really what you want and not something else bringing about your dissatisfaction.

Conclusively, there’s nothing wrong with changing to another field or career, it’s frequent amongst people nowadays, but it will be great to rethink before making the change. A career change can bring alot of goodwill and satisfaction, and it’s quite alright to take the risk. But, ensure you are thorough before making a choice.

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