7 Places To Find Part-Time Online Jobs In Nigeria

If you a young person and you are currently jobless, or you are a student without any source of income in Nigeria, you probably didn’t realize that there are a number of excellent online jobs in Nigeria that are open to students and anybody else looking for positions that meet their needs. You also don‚Äôt know that you don’t need as much education to be able to get a job that can help you make some money to offset your bills. In this article, we will take you on a journey to finding a job as we highlight¬†the list¬†of websites to find online Jobs in Nigeria.

There are numerous organizations with various openings that only need a portion of your time each day, not your full presence. I find it exciting. Let’s now look at the part-time employment opportunities in Nigeria.

We will walk you through the process of finding a good part-time job in Nigeria, the pay scale for part-time work there, the best websites for part-time work in Nigeria and application portals, significant advice to keep in mind when applying for part-time work that is currently available in Nigeria, and everything else you need to know.

Part-Time Online Jobs In Nigeria

Part-time employment has completely changed as a result of the advent of technology and its development in Nigeria today, since several services are now required on a daily basis by various organizations.

These online positions range from those in the digital and computer industries, to more traditional ones like driving, cleaning, etc., to more specialized ones like nursing assistant, photographer, etc. Through their application portal and website, you can apply for all of these part-time positions.

List Of Websites To Find Part-Time Online Jobs In Nigeria

A few of the websites where you can apply and get online jobs in Nigeria include:

1. LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the¬†internet.¬†LinkedIn can help you locate the ideal job or internship, establish and strengthen professional connections, and get the knowledge you need to further your career. You can access LinkedIn via a desktop computer, a mobile device running the LinkedIn app, a mobile web browser, or the LinkedIn Lite Android app.

Through the use of your experience, abilities, and education, a thorough LinkedIn profile can help you connect with prospects. LinkedIn also allows you to write articles, join groups, submit images and videos, and plan offline events.

2. Glassdoor.com

Glassdoor is a growing community for workplace discussions with a straightforward goal: assisting people all around the world in locating careers and businesses they adore.

The company is motivated by a vision to transform the workplace for the better through radical openness each day. This company is dismantling barriers that result in discrimination, salary gaps, and unfavorable working conditions through the communities they have built. It is also creating a society where people have the resources and assistance they require locating a job that values them equally.

3. Indeed.com

With more than 250 million unique users each month,¬†Indeed¬†is the top employment site in the world. 94% of the world’s GDP is covered by Indeed, which is available in more than 60 countries and 28 languages.

Indeed has provided free access to millions of jobs from tens of thousands of corporate websites and job boards since 2004. Indeed is the most cost-effective source of candidates for thousands of businesses as the top pay-for-performance network for recruitment advertising. Indeed drives millions of targeted applications to openings in every industry.

4. Seek.com.au

SEEK is a market leader in Latin America and Asia Pacific’s 10 nations with online job marketplaces. SEEK makes significant investments in the development of cutting-edge technological products to assist individuals and businesses in living more meaningful and productive working lives.

More than 3,500 people are employed by SEEK’s global footprint, which spans ten nations including Australia, where it is one of the Top 100 listed companies1 and is listed on the ASX, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, and Mexico. Additionally, SEEK has minor investments in China, Korea, as well as a few other nations.

SEEK also runs a variety of additional businesses, including SEEK Volunteer, Australia’s largest single source of volunteer opportunities, SEEK Business, where businesses and franchises can be sold, and SEEK Learning, which assists in connecting people with great educational possibilities. The AFR BOSS Best Places to Work awards recognized SEEK in 2022 as one of Australia’s Top Ten Tech Places to Work.

5. Hotnigerianjobs.com

Hotnigerianjobs is more than simply a job board; it is currently developing a highly interactive and dynamic online community for Nigerians all over the world to collaborate, converse, learn about, and share opinions on professional matters.

HNJ offers you a plethora of resources to advance your professional or business goals. Knowledge is Power! We reveal opportunities that you might not have known existed. By relying on the knowledge and platform we give you, you are ultimately in charge of deciding the extent of your success.

6. Jobzilla.ng

Jobzilla Nigeria is an online employment site that posts the most recent job openings as well as other opportunities (scholarships, business chances, etc.) in Nigeria.

Beyond that, the website occasionally goes above and beyond by going undercover to detect and expose con artists to protect job searchers from being taken advantage of. They also make useful tools available to assist and direct anyone looking to advance their career.

7. Jobgurus.com.ng

Jobgurus is a website that assists companies in finding the best personnel for their business in Nigeria. The online job board continually posts fresh job openings from Nigerian small businesses and global corporations.

The platform is used by employers and recruiters to post job openings, collect, monitor, and sort applications. They frequently search our CV database, which is why we suggest every job seeker to add their CVs for free to our database.

Jobgurus is the perfect online location where businesses can hunt for qualified applicants to fill job positions at their company and employees can browse for jobs that meet their profile, bridging the gap and providing rapid and trustworthy access to employment opportunities.

Points To Note When Applying For Online Jobs In Nigeria

  • Whenever you are applying for online jobs in Nigeria, please note the following:
  • Resist demands to pay money or application fees. All job applications are¬†free.
  • Be circumspect of jobs interviews in unofficial locations. Always research and be sure that the interview address is the official one.
  • Avoid giving information more than is¬†necessary,¬†especially about yourself.
  • Ensure to know more about the company before applying for any role.

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