Full List Of The Smallest States In The World

Small geopolitical zones confront significant development hurdles because of their weak or constrained economic strength and sparse populations. They might even encounter weather fluctuations, economic shocks, and natural calamities.

People relocate to other geographical regions as a result of this lack of economic power, which in turn places restrictions on the state’s ability to function. Recently, there have been several attempts to completely explain these small geopolitical zones, with a focus on identifying distinctive traits in connection to their population and size.

1. Vatican City

Despite not being a member of the UN, the state of the Vatican is considered to as an independent state. It has a population of between 800 and 900 people, and its area is 0.44 square kilometers.

Solar panels the size of a football field are placed to supply support for the state’s energy usage in order to gain power and energy. The Vatican has a heliport, a train station, and roughly fifty streets. Despite its modest size, the Vatican has a football team.

2. Principality Of Monaco

It became independent on February 25th, 1489. There are 17,800 people living there, spread out over an area of 2.02 square kilometers.

In the fifth century, this island was found by Greek immigrants. It is not surprising that this island attracts the rich and famous from all over the world, given the lack of direct taxes for its people and the absence of income and inheritance taxes.

3. Republic Of Nauru

The island of Nauru has a total area of twenty-one square miles and is divided into fourteen districts. Ten thousand one hundred seventy-five people live on this island.

Phosphate mining was the island’s main source of income in 2001, but as soon as it ran out, living conditions drastically changed and the island was on the verge of becoming bankrupt. As a result, the state’s finances became dependent on grants from Australia.

4. San Marino Republic

One of the tiniest nations on earth is the Republic of San Marino. The citizenship of this oldest republic, which counts 32,550 individuals as of the latest data, is unprecedented. Its area is 60.57 square meters, and over 12,000 of its residents are foreign citizens.

5. Tuvalu

Before 1978, this island was known as Ellice Islands before being renamed Tuvalu. It was also recognized as an independent nation in the same year. The island is around 25 square kilometers in size, has a population of about 10,000 people, and its highest point is five meters above sea level. The majority of the population works in agriculture and fishing.

One of the tiniest nations on earth is the Republic of San Marino. The citizenship of this oldest republic, which counts 32,550 individuals as of the latest data, is unprecedented. Its area is 60.57 square meters, and over 12,000 of its residents are foreign citizens.

6. Principality Of Liechtenstein

In 1806, the principality of Liechtenstein’s island gained its freedom. The area measures 160.47 square meters. Before gaining its freedom, the island was occupied by troops from various nations, including the French and Germans. In the entire Alpine region, it is the lone state.

The mountain Mount Liechtenstein Front Graupitz, which rises to a height of 2,589 meters, is the island’s highest point. Ruggeller riet, which is 430 meters deep, is the deepest. There are 36,942 people living on the island, including 12,000 visitors from abroad.

7. Republic Of Marshall Islands

The Republic of Marshall Islands has a land area of 181.3 square kilometers, with a maximum elevation of two meters above sea level.

The island is split into what appears to be nearly two parallel islands that are concentrated in a region that extends to the ocean and covers up to two million square kilometers.

The Republic of Marshall Island was founded in 1986 but rose to prominence due to its 54,600 residents following the atomic bomb tests in the 1950s. One of the most romantic locations on earth is the island.

8. Cook Islands

In terms of international law, the Cook Islands stand out since they are considered an independent state but have unrestricted contact with New Zealand. The South Pacific region’s island is 240 square kilometers in size. There may be up to 18,600 people living there, but they lack their own citizenship.

Eleven different island councils make up the island, with the largest covering roughly 65 square kilometers and housing about 15,000 people. Palmerston, the smallest island council, has fifty residents on 2.1 square kilometers of territory.


Niue Island is 261.4 square kilometers in size and is closely related to Cook Island. Although Niue is connected to New Zealand and lacks its own citizenship, the island is nonetheless regarded as an autonomous state.

Niue has 5.2 inhabitants per square kilometer of land area. There are roughly 1,300 people living on the island, dispersed among thirteen villages and other small towns, making it one of the few geopolitically isolated areas in the globe.

The products that are brought to the island of Niue by ship are transshipped by barge because Niue lacks a port but does have an airport. There are barely nine hundred internet users and 400 Niue country domains on the island.

10. Federation Of Saint Kitts And Nevis

Christopher Columbus first laid eyes on Saint Kitts and Nevis in the year 1493. Despite being located in the Caribbean, the island was only populated in the seventeenth century. The island’s 269 square meters were acknowledged as an independent state inside the British Empire.

Currently, fifty thousand three hundred and fourteen people call the two islands home. Despite having the highest homicide rate per capita in 2008, Saint Kitts and Nevis continues to draw large numbers of visitors, particularly from the United States.

The Caribbean’s sole independent nation is this island. These islands were some of the earliest ones that the Europeans conquered. Saint Kitts and the Grenadines, which won independence in 1983, was home to the first British and French colonies.

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