7 Things NJFP MGT Clarify About The Ongoing Assessment Test

Remember that yesterday we released an update regarding the assessment test for all applicants to the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme.

Accordingly, the NJFP administration has provided a fresh update following the start of the assessment test to explain the amount of questions to everyone who has finished the first stage in the assessment process and to those who are eagerly awaiting their assessment link. For further information, see the thread below!

7 Things NJFP MGT Clarify About The Ongoing Assessment Test

  1. There is no selection process to take the tests, all applicants to the #NJFP are required to participate
  2. Due to a large number of applicants, tests are being sent in batches. If you haven’t received your test link yet, pls continue to check your email until 29 June
  3. All applicants will have the option to take a practice test. This option is available at the test link before you start your assessment
  4. If you have already completed your first test, you will receive a second link to the soft skills assessment this week
  5. We recognize that you might face challenges with connectivity. To avoid these issues, we recommend the following:
  • Use Chrome as your browser
  • You can use your phone, but we suggest using a desktop
  • Do not refresh your browser while you are in the middle of the test
  1. For those who missed the 48-hour window to complete the first assessment, a new test link will be sent this week to provide another opportunity for applicants to finish the assessments

  2. Please note that if you do not answer a test question within the required time, this does not cancel your test or disqualify you from the process – you will just be moved to the next question.

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