7 Ways To Check If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Do you believe that a person with whom you just had a dispute has blocked you on Instagram?

By default, Instagram doesn’t let you view a list of the users who have blocked you. In fact, when someone blocks you, the platform won’t even let you know.

However, there are a few ways you may check to see whether someone has banned you on Instagram. Seven of those are covered in this article.

Why You May Be Blocked on Instagram

For a variety of reasons, people might block you on Instagram, including:
Spamming their messages.

  • Tagging them in irrelevant posts
  • Leaving inappropriate comments on their content.
  • The other person may have blocked you if you’ve ended a real-life friendship or relationship so they may move on.

Have I Been Blocked On Instagram?

So, how can you tell if a known person has blocked you on Instagram? You can attempt the seven techniques listed below.

1. Search Their Username

If someone has banned you, their account will not be visible if you use the Instagram search box to look up their username or Instagram handle.

If you are not blocked, you will be able to see their profile and all of their posts. You will notice the statement “This account is private” if they have changed their profile’s visibility from public to private.

If the profile does not come up in a search, the user has either blocked you or canceled their account.

But keep in mind that Instagram users can modify their usernames. As a result, it’s possible that the person you’re looking for did this instead.

2. Search Through Your Profile

You are unable to leave a comment on someone’s post or send them a direct message if you have been blocked. Your prior remarks and conversations, however, remain. So, open it up and visit their profile if you recall leaving comments on any of their posts or having DM conversations with them.

You have probably been blocked if you view their profile but there are no recent posts. If their new username doesn’t appear in the search field, you have undoubtedly been blocked because you can use this method to determine if someone has changed their username.

3. Make use of the special Instagram profile link

You are given a special URL with your username when you create an Instagram account.

If the person who you believe has blocked you has an account, you can access it by changing the username in the profile link to their account handle.

You will either view their profile directly if you open Instagram in your browser and search for it using a direct link, or you will receive the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

Log out of Instagram and type the same URL into a new tab to see if the account is real or not. The identical notice will appear if the account is deactivated.

However, if you visit their profile this time, you will be barred.

When a user modifies their username, the URL name also immediately modifies. This means that if they recently changed their username, you won’t be able to find their profile using this method.

4. Check For Another Instagram Account

You can check from other Instagram accounts to see if the account you think has blocked you actually exists. You can let a buddy know the username to see if it appears in their search results.

If it doesn’t appear, the account has either been canceled or the user has changed their username; if the same user’s username appears, you have been blocked.

5. Look Through Shared Instagram Group Chat

If you and the other person are in a group chat, you can check to see if they have blocked you there.

The second user will appear in the list of chat participants. If you are unable to view their profile, they have most likely blocked you.

6. Try Following The Same Account Once More

Try following them again if the person you’re looking for doesn’t have any recent posts or pictures.

If you can follow them again right away, the other person won’t have blocked you—or might have unblocked you. Alternately, you might have accidentally unfollowed the account or lost your place on their list of followers.
If the other person blocked you, you won’t be able to follow them again without seeing an error message.

7. Reference and tag the account

You cannot tag or reference people who have blocked you on Instagram in posts or comments. That is a another method for determining if someone has blocked you. However, setting a private account has the same result.

On Instagram, look for someone’s username or profile if you can’t tag or mention them in a post. You have not been blocked, if you get a notification that says, “This account is private.” There is a significant possibility that you have been blocked if the account is active but you cannot view any postings.


Although Instagram doesn’t alert you when someone blocks you, there are quick ways to find out. Ask them if they will unblock you if you find out that someone close to you blocked you.

It’s crucial to respect someone else’s decision, whether you agree with it or not, if your friendship with them has suffered or if they won’t unblock you.

Last but not least, if someone blocks you on Instagram, you will also immediately block them. Therefore, you don’t need to respond by blocking them back.

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