8 Highest-Paying Finance Jobs & Salary Scale 2022

People with good mathematical and analytical skills may find finance occupations to be exceedingly profitable. Finance is a vast business that encompasses everything from banks and investments to financial technology, or Fintech. Take a look at some of these high-paying finance jobs if you’ve been considering a career in finance but aren’t sure where to begin.

The highest-paying financial occupations are as follows:

1. Insurance advisor (average salary: $67,263)

Insurance consultants help consumers find the finest insurance products to fulfill their long- and short-term insurance needs, as well as offer advice on insurance purchases for individuals, homes, autos, investments, and other purposes.

2. Hedge fund manager (average salary: $98,256)

Hedge fund managers have similar tasks to investment bankers, but they deal with higher-risk and higher-reward portfolios for hedge fund investors. Hedge fund managers must keep an eye on the markets in order to safeguard their clients, so they get up early and stay late. Hedge fund investment is rarely a full-time occupation.

3. Information technology auditor (average salary: $63,412 per year)

IT auditors are often employed by government organizations or private companies to check that their technological infrastructure complies with compliance and other enterprise IT regulations. They spend their days completing audits and should be proficient in this area, which may need certification.

4. Financial advisor (average salary: $66,931)

These are people who help customers determine their short- and long-term financial goals and match them with the right solutions. Knowledge of insurance products, tight collaboration with underwriters and risk assessors, and serving as a major point of contact for clients are all tasks of an insurance advisor.

5. Investment banker (annual salary: $61,929)

Investment bankers are responsible for managing the portfolios of firms and government organizations that invest in a wide range of industries. These specialists help clients raise and invest capital to help their businesses accomplish their financial growth goals.

6. Financial analyst (average salary: $69,419)

Financial analysts sift through financial data in order to help corporate stakeholders make informed financial decisions. They support consumers’ purchasing decisions and needs across the country for financial organizations such as banks, funds, insurance firms, and others.

7. Senior accountant (average salary: $72,639)

Senior accountants are in charge of day-to-day accounting activities and are often found at the top of an accounting hierarchy. They are in charge of sticking to the budget, reaching accounting targets, and supervising company spending.

8. Compliance analyst (average salary: $64,443)

A financial specialist who inspects a corporation for conformity with the criteria of numerous governing agencies. The finance business is heavily regulated since long-term economic stability and financial growth rely on set standards. To ensure compliance with regulations, compliance analysts review data, processes, and financial infrastructure.

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