9 Ways To Save Your Electricity Consumption

Power supply in Nigeria has been having one form of dispute to another, either from the consumers or from the suppliers. To avoid paying high bill, this post will show you 9 ways you can save your electric consumption.

Ways To Save Your Electricity Consumption

Some consumers complain bitterly, that the monthly bill they receive is usually too high. Others says they doesn’t even see the power supply (Light, as fondly used in Nigeria), yet, they pay outrageous bills.

Economically, there are numerous option in reducing the excessive rate at which energy is being used in an apartment.

But majority of the consumers tend to ignore such beneficial options, and end up being exasperated when presented with high bills.

The companies that distribute electricity in the country are watched, and controlled by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.

This commission has tried its possible best to serve the masses (consumers) well, and came up with nine (9) ways to save electricity consumption. This is as a result of the increment imposed on electricity tariff.

9 ways to save your electricity consumption

Below are ways to save electric consumption in Nigeria;

1. Turn off bulbs and appliances when not in use

There are some households that barely switch of lights, and appliances like Microwaves, washing machine, pressing iron, etc. even during the day.

This is a major way by which such apartment accumulate higher bill without knowing that their bill is piling up.

2. Go for Energy saving bulbs

Most electrical bulbs exhaust higher amount of energy by producing heat while trying to emit light.

Although these very types of bulbs are still in the market, but technology has brought about the production of energy saving bulbs like LEDs, CFLs and Halogen bulbs. The energy saving bulbs consume lesser energy compare to the previous ones.

3. Reduce the use of water heaters

Water heater comes with thermostat which makes it a double consumer of electrical energy. To ensure your energy consumption is minimized, try to reduce the usage of water heating appliances.

4. Buy Appliances that consume less energy

There are energy-efficient appliances in the market today. These appliances are good substitute for the old ones, and most companies are now producing more of such appliances to suit customers demand.

5. Regulate your refrigerator temperature to standard

All products have a manual that guides the user. It is very necessary to follow the instructions of the manufacturer, as deviation can cause malfunction.

Talking about refrigerator, it normally has either an analogue or digital regulator, depending on the manufacturer.

There is always a designated temperature that is recommended and if increased, the consumption rate is likely to increase.

6. Removed unused chargers

It is very important to unplug any charger, as soon as you are done making use of it. There are some battery chargers that consume energy, and when you always over look them by leaving them plugged, the electricity bill at the end of the month will be higher than you expect.

7. Electronics should be plugged into Strips

There are different types of strips that can help save your electronics from damage, and also from too much energy consumption. This doesn’t mean that when left on while not in used, it won’t consume energy. It will, hence all switches should be turned off while not in used.

8. Always Use Sunlight during the day

The usage of the natural brightness of the sun should be practiced during the day. This means, all bulbs ought to be off in a sunny day. While the sun brighten your apartment till night hours.

9. Service Air Conditioner when Due

The pressure of an air conditioner that is due for servicing is so high that, it can make it consume more energy. Hence, it is advised that easy maintenance should be done once in a while.

Normally, if the above suggestion is adhere to, there will be a noticeable improvement in the consumption rate of electricity across the country.

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