5 Easy Steps to Obtain Abbey Mortgage Bank Loan

The Abbey Mortgage Bank was established to aid in the purchasing of housing assets, which is a primary priority for the majority of Nigerians. For a variety of reasons, owning a home remains a pipe dream for a substantial percentage of the Nigerian people. This includes a lack of financial resources and the inability to purchase homes in a single payment. You can simply make such a fantasy a reality with a top-tier institution like the Abbey mortgage bank. In this article, we will show you 5 easy steps to obtain Abbey Mortgage Bank loan.

About Abbey Mortgage Bank

Abbey Mortgage Bank is one of the major mortgage banks in Nigeria at the time, as one of the 70 principal mortgage banks (PMB) with a licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. In general, the organisation focuses on offering affordable housing units to individuals, developers, and cooperatives who fit the criteria.

What is the role of a mortgage bank?

Mortgage banks exist primarily to facilitate loans for homes and infrastructure. The bank lends these cash to individuals to assist them in purchasing a home and allows them to repay it over a set period of time. Furthermore, most borrowers repay the loan to the bank with a pre-agreed interest rate.

What are the services offered by Abbey Mortgage Bank?

Abbey Mortgage Bank offers the following services:

1. Retail banking

The retail banking services cater to the traditional banking demands of customers. As a result, you can open an account for financial operations such as savings, deposits, or even a salary account.

2. Wholesale banking

Wholesale banking, also known as abbey cash management account, serves the needs of businesses that require a corporate account. It also comes with a variety of benefits, like the ability to receive a chequebook, no limits on the quantity and amount of deposits, and more.

3. Mortgage banking

Abbey Mortgage Bank’s strongest suit is mortgage banking, which caters to the needs of customers looking for a home loan. Essentially, there are three subcategories to this service:

  • Corporate mortgages
  • Real estate development
  • Construction loan
  • School loan
  • Mortgage administration scheme

Lending and Mortgages (Retail)

  • Personal mortgage
  • Staff housing loan
  • Equity release
  • National Housing Fund (NHF)
  • Personal loan and consumer finance
  • Mortgage Education

4. Electronic banking

Abbey mortgage bank, like every other modern bank, provides a platform for consumers to conduct electronic transactions for maximum convenience. Essentially, you may do this by dialling the USSD code *332# or visiting any ATM near you.

What is the procedure for obtaining a loan from Abbey Mortgage Bank?

Simply follow the procedures below to get a loan:

  1. To begin, determine the type of loan you’re looking for.
  2. Request to talk with a loan agent from the local Abbey mortgage bank near you.
  3. Essentially, the agent will provide you an application form as well as a list of required documents.
  4. Fill out the application form and send it in with the required documentation.
  5. Finally, your agent will notify you of the status of your application in a timely manner.

How do I get in touch with Abbey Mortgage Bank?

You can get in touch with the bank using any of the following methods:

23 Karimu Kotun Street is located on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

+2347080636000; +2347080636033; +2347080636025; +2347080636033; +2347080636025; +2347080636025; +2347080636025;

Abbey Mortgage Bank can be reached at enquiries@abbeymortgagebank.com or https://www.abbeymortgagebank.com/.


Abbey Mortgage Bank, as one of Nigeria’s top tier mortgage banks, primarily provides banking and mortgage loans to citizens. As a result, all you have to do to get started is go into any of their locations.

Source: Nyscinfo

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