Advantages of NYSC to Nigerian graduates – Shocking truth

The dream of any Nigerian student is to graduate and go for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). In this article, we shall discuss the advantages of NYSC to Nigerian youths.

The way Nigerian youths clamour to take part in the NYSC exercise shows that there are some benefits in the scheme. However, in this post, we shall weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of NYSC.

Many are of the opinion that NYSC is beneficial to Nigerian youths while others disagreed, saying it’s a waste of time. So, it is from people’s arguments that I was able to compile this piece of work.

WARNING: Information in this article is for educational purposes only. 

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Advantages of NYSC to Nigerian youths

Below are the advantages of NYSC to graduates;

1. Driving without a license

As a Corps member you can drive a car in Nigeria without driving license provided you are on your NYSC uniform.

2. Free from Police harassment

Nigerian policemen are known for harassing innocent citizen, but as a Corps member you will be free from their harassment.

3. Soldiers will like you

Nigerian Soldiers love Corps members so much. They see Corpers as their ‘Oga pikin’, and they are always ready to protect you from danger where ever they find you.

4. Federal immunity

Every Corps member is covered by Federal government immunity. Anyone that fight or beat you will be in trouble. You can go where an ordinary person can’t go. You can skip queue at ATM gallery.

There is a story of a Corps member who was found walking towards a sensitive area in Aso Rock.
The security guards had to send him back and told him “If not because you are a Corper, we would have been beaten you”.

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5. Respect from people

As a Corp member, any where you go either on NYSC uniform or cap, people will respect you and be hollering on you “Corper shun!” Sometimes, they will pay your bill or give you free lift. See, what to reply when people call you Corper shun.

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6. Job opportunity

NYSC certificate is an added advantage when you applied for a job. Many companies will not employ you if you don’t have NYSC Certificate. See, 5 places you cannot work without NYSC certificate.

7. It makes Nigerian youths tougher

NYSC scheme will prepare, discipline and make you tougher starting from orientation camp. It helps you blend in job hunting times.

8. Unification, socialization, networking

The scheme helps to unite Nigerians from every state, ethnic and religious background.
It also provide avenue for people to mix, mingle and socialize with one another.

Follow the link below to see the shocking disadvantages of NYSC to Nigerian Youths.

READ :  Disadvantages of NYSC to Nigerian youths - Shocking truth

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