Disadvantages of NYSC to Nigerian youths [Updated]

In our previous post, we discussed the advantages of NYSC for Nigerian youths. However, as anything with merits also has demerits, it’s essential to consider the drawbacks. In this article, we shall look into the negative aspects or drawbacks of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program that affect young Nigerians. These include issues like time wastage, lack of a loan scheme, inefficient use of funds, no guaranteed job after completing the program, contributing to unemployment, compulsory nature, and low monthly payment for participants.

Disadvantages of NYSC to Nigerian Youths

Here are the demerits of NYSC scheme:

1. Time Wasting

The scheme may seem like a waste of time, especially as paper qualifications and connections have become more crucial in Nigeria. Many corps members are posted to classrooms rather than their field of specialization.

2. No Loan Scheme

Serving corps members lack an active loan scheme. The government should provide interest-free loans or grants to help them start businesses after completing their service year.

3. Waste of Fund and Resource

The funds spent on the NYSC scheme annually could be utilized for building industries or providing useful skills training for employment opportunities.

4. No Job Guarantee

After NYSC, there’s no guaranteed job placement. The government should establish a reputable structure ensuring job opportunities after the National Service program.

5. NYSC Encourages Unemployment

Some organizations prefer hiring Corps members on a temporary basis rather than permanent staff, contributing to unemployment. Government intervention is needed to address this issue.

6. Compulsory Nature

Although claimed to be optional, NYSC is essentially compulsory for employment and postgraduate programs in Nigeria, making it necessary to reevaluate its mandatory status.

7. Peanut Payment (N19,800)

The monthly stipend of N33,000 is insufficient for transportation, feeding, and other expenses. Recommending an urgent review, the allowance should be increased to N50,000 per month to better support Corps members.

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4 thoughts on “Disadvantages of NYSC to Nigerian youths [Updated]”

  1. You have said it all, NYSC is a punishment to the youth by giving them 19800 as allowance & with no guarantee of job after the service. I feel like crying when I see a graduate hustling for job & after all been jobless.

    • Am just torn in between going for nysc or instead work with the 1year to make few cash and better equip myself because I have no financial backing from no where. But after today’s service in church, am left so confused,making me see and think a graduate can’t survive in this country without having an nysc certificate

      • Hi Francis,
        This time last year, I was in your shoes. With no financial backing, I had to delay my NYSC registration to gather up some money by working on affiliate marketing programs and freelancing on platforms like Fiverr.com

        Along the line, I found a way to establish my own business. Now, I am getting ready to go for my youth service, with enough money to -at least- make me comfortable during the orientation camp and coupled with the stipend paid as allowance, I am good to go even until the end of the service year.

        I’ll advice you not to rush into things. Take your time so you don’t feel pressured. I hope this helps someone.

        Best regards.


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