Advice For Those About to Write N-power NASIMS Test

My advice for those that haven’t written their test or still updating documents is to be patience and be persistence.

I learnt something from this N-power stuff, I did my documentation last week Monday but after everything I couldn’t write the test, I was just struggling by all means, downloaded about eigh (8) different browsing Apps, Subscribed for more data, used different networks, sent messages to N-power email including sleepless night, but nothing happened. I noticed that I’m just getting depressed and frustrated.

Hmm do you know what I later do?
I said it’s enough, how will I kill myself for just N-power. I just take my phone and continue making videos, snapping pictures and posting online, just to forget everything about N-power and face my life.

But to the Glory of God; God noticed that I have given up on doing it on my own! And then He stepped in, that when my spirit takes me back to Npower again and I was directed to login; I did and behold my test got opened.

Moral Lesson: Whatever you are doing in this life without God’s intervention; my brothers and sisters just know that you will continue struggling in that thing and might even die in the process.

Conclusion: Please make God your priority in life, no matter what you are trying to achieve in this life; remember Solomon said in the Bible that; ” All is vanity” Make God first and God will take you to your promise land in Jesus Name Amen!

Thanks and God Bless You All.

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  1. I have lost my N-powee email Identity “ ”
    Is there any way I can change the email address

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