List of African Countries that Issue Electronic Visa (e-Visa)

Following the introduction of the computerized visa system, the days of queuing at various embassies day and night for the purpose of obtaining an entry visa are quickly going away. We’ve put together a list of African countries that use electronic visa (e-visa) systems.

Kindly note that the issuance of e-visa is  ‘electronically’. This is a method in which the visa application is submitted online, and the visa is provided to the applicant via e-mail by the immigration office.

List of African Countries that issue electronic visa

1. Nigeria

Nigeria has a thriving electronic visa system that allows international business travelers, tourists, and routine visitors to apply for e-visas online. The most important point or issue for anyone interested in obtaining a Nigerian e-visa, also known as a visa on arrival (VOA), is to strictly follow the issue of applying online and waiting for approval before departing or boarding a plane. The visa is valid for 90 days for a single entrance and 72 hours for transit passengers.

Please note that you will not be able to board a plane unless the Nigerian immigration authority has given you permission.

2. Rwanda

Rwanda is now extremely civilized and exceptional in the international arena. Rwanda’s evisa system is not exploitative, but rather welcoming to foreign visitors.

On arrival, all East African citizens are given free visas. The visa is valid for a period of six months. All citizens of the African Union, Commonwealth, and Francophonie are eligible for a visa-free entry or a 30-day visa on arrival. Furthermore, citizens of Singapore, Qatar, and other countries are granted a 90-day visa on arrival. Anyone who is not listed above can also apply for a Rwandan evisa and receive a visa on arrival.

3. Kenya

Kenya, as a tourist-oriented country, was one of the first to implement electronic visas to make it easier for travelers to enter. Kenyan immigration authorities accept visa applications from 148 countries for single entry, courtesy, and transit visas. Anyone visiting for tourist, business, or medical reasons will be awarded an evisa, which is a single entry visa on arrival.

The visa allows the holder to stay in Kenya for 90 days, and anybody in transit for 72 hours.

4. Zambia

Zambia, like many other East African countries, issues electronic visas to inhabitants of countries not included by its visa-free policy, which allows people of 63 countries to enter Zambia without a visa. Anyone planning to travel to Zambia should apply for an evisa online before departing.

5. Egypt

Anyone visiting Egypt for leisure, business, or transit uses an electronic visa system. The Egyptian system is unique in that it requires you to apply seven days prior to the start of your journey. The evisa on arrival is valid for 90 days and permits the holder to stay for 30 days.

6. Tanzania

Tanzania’s visa policy is similar to that of other East African countries in that it uses electronic visas and treats foreign travelers liberally. Tanzania enables citizens from 29 countries to enter the country through the evisa on arrival system. More than 68 nations are eligible for visa-free entry. Tanzanian Immigration permits foreign visitors, business travelers, tourists, transit passengers, and others to apply for an evisa and enter the country via this method.

7. Gabon

Gabon offers far more flexible electronic visas than many other African countries. The beauty of the Gabonese evisa system is that depending on your ability to pay the non-refundable costs, you can apply for several entries. You also have the option of deciding how long you want to stay. The most crucial feature of the Gabonese evisa is that you must apply online before traveling to Gabon.

8. Angola

Angola’s evisa system is expanding beyond that of some of its competitors, granting some long-term evisas on arrival in addition to a single entrance visa. The holder of an Angola evisa is allowed to stay for 90 days during a year. Unlike some other nations, Angola’s evisa has a two-year validity period, which is dependent on the validity of your passport.

9. Principe And Sao Tome

The island nation of Sao Tome and Principe can boast of being one of the first countries to use an electronic visa system. The evisa system is used to issue business and tourist visas. Anyone traveling for business or tourism can apply for a visa online and receive it on arrival. The visa bearer has 30 days of admission and the visa is valid for 30 days.

Citizens of the Schengen zone, Canadians, and Americans, among others, are not required to obtain a visa to enter Sao Tome and Principe.

10. Republic Of Benin

Apart from the fact that all African Union citizens are exempt from asking for visas to enter Benin. All other nations are welcome to apply for an evisa to Benin. For business travelers, tourists, and transit visas, the evisa allows you to apply online. The candidate might choose between 30 and 90 days for his or her stay.

Please keep in mind that you must apply for an evisa on arrival at least seven days before your trip to Benin.

11. South Sudan

The newest African country has approved 206 countries to apply for a South Sudanese electronic visa, which may be used for a single entrance or a six-month multiple-entry evisa. Other countries are free to apply for business and tourist evisas on arrival online if they are not on the list.

12. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, a South African country with a strong tourism industry, has a thriving electronic visa system that allows tourists, visitors, business travelers, conference attendees, and transit travelers to obtain an evisa on arrival. The system classified countries into various groups. Some people are allowed to enter without a visa, while others can apply for an evisa on arrival online.

13. Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a well-developed electronic visa system. The e-visa system is used to provide several types of visas. The system is used to provide short-term visas for business travelers, conference attendees, tourists, visitors, journalists, service people, investors, and non-government officials, among others.

Ethiopian electronic visas are valid for 90 days and are issued for a single entrance. The validity period begins on the day your visa on arrival is stamped on your travel document.

14. Ghana

Ghanaian authorities have granted one of Africa’s fastest electronic visas. Anyone traveling to Ghana for an urgent occasion or business is issued an evisa within 48 hours of submitting an online application. Evisa is issued to both business and tourism travelers. For single and multiple entries, the evisa is valid. This is part of Ghana’s policy of making doing business easier.

15. Djibouti

Djibouti, a strategically located country on the Horn of Africa’s northeast coast, is our final African country with an electronic visa system. Djibouti grants e-visa of several sorts to countries who do business and provide social services, mostly shipping firms in the Horn of Africa, because to its strategic location.

Business travelers, tourists, transit passengers, and others can apply for a Djibouti electronic visa by filling out an online application, paying the relevant costs, and submitting it. Typically, the response is fairly quick. The issued evisa has only one entrance and is valid for 90 days.

16. Malawi

Malawi, a tourist-oriented country in Southern Africa, uses electronic visas to speed up the issuance of short-term visas and avoid the usual operational bottlenecks. Malawi issues e-visas for a variety of purposes, including tourism, business, official staff, conferences, and diplomatic missions. Depending on the conditions, the evisa could be a single entry or many entries. A single entry evisa is normally good for three months, but multiple entries are valid for six or twelve months.

17. Guinea

Guinea, a West African country, issues a variety of electronic visas, most of which are short-term in nature, such as service personnel visas, tourist visas, business traveler visas, visitors visas, investor visas, transit visas, conference visas, and so on. An applicant can use the system to submit a visa application online. The method is quick, and you may expect a response within 72 hours after submitting your request.

Simply submit your travel document at the point of entry, and an e-visa will be granted to you upon arrival.

18. Guinea-bissau

Apart from its visa-free policy, which allows a large number of countries to enter Bissau without a visa, the country also has an electronic visa system, which allows some countries to apply for various visas online, receive responses, board a plane, and present their travel documents for e-visa on arrival stamping.

The e-visa for Guinea Bissau is valid for 90 days, with extensions available upon request.

19. South Africa

South Africa has a well-developed electronic visa system. The e-visa system is used to allow applicants to enter South Africa more quickly without having to go via an embassy in their home country.

Eligible foreign citizens who wish to visit South Africa for tourism, business, conferences, transit, or other purposes are free to apply for a South Africa visa using a simple online application form and obtain an approved e-visa that is electronically linked to the applicant’s travel document.

The South African e-visa is a single-entry visa that permits the holder to stay for 30 days in the nation.

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