Airtel Mifi and Plans: everything you need to know

Airtel Mifi doesn’t become the talk of town for no reason, neither is it considered being the best among others without a reason. If you are looking for a fast internet service that is affordable, then it has to be the ‘Airtel Mifi’. Interestingly, you can carry this device around in your pockets with no one noticing that there is anything in your pockets. The device simply lets you browse the internet on 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks.Airtel Mifi and Plans

The Airtel MiFi device also lets you connect your laptop computer and other devices to the internet service it provides for surfing. It can also be connected as a modem once the Wi-Fi is activated.

What is Mi-fi?

A MiFi is a router that works as a mobile Wi-Fi portable hotspot. It can provide internet connection to 10-15 devices at the same time through a micro-data sim card. This device was first introduced in 2009 by Novatel, a United States-based company, tapping into the 3G and 4G setups to create a small wireless broadband cloud or hotspot.

How to subscribe to Airtel Mifi data plan?

Before you can subscribe to any of the Airtel Mifi plans, you must first purchase the Mifi device from Airtel. You can simply visit any of their offices and buy the device at N12, 000. The device also comes with the following:

• 25GB of free data for 30days.
• 5GB monthly for 6months.
• 8 hours of battery life

What are the Airtel Mifi Specifications?

• LTE, 3G and 4G networks.

• Category 3 data speed.

• 4GHZ wireless Lan.

• 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ Wi-Fi support.

• 1 sim card.

• 1 micro USB port.

• 15000mAh battery capacity.

What are the Airtel Mifi data plans and activation codes?

  1. 15GB – 30days – N5,000.

  2. 40GB – 30days – N10,000.

  3. 75GB – 30days – N15,000.

  4. 110GB – 30days – N20,000.

Note that the general activation code is *370#. If you want to subscribe, remove the sim card and insert it on your phone, then dial the short code to select the plan you want to buy.

What are the Airtel Mifi Ultra plans and activation codes?

The Airtel Mifi Ultra plans are not much different from the normal plans. However, the volume of data it offers and the bonus data it gives is what makes the different. See the plans and prices below:

  1. 40GB+250MB daily – 30days – N10,000.

  2. 75GB+500MB daily – 30days – N15,000.

  3. 120GB+1GB daily – 30days – N20,000.

The activation code is the same for all the plans. The only thing you need to do is to select the plan you want and you will be good to go.


If you are looking for a super-fast internet, then look no further than Airtel. Airtel is one network that has cemented its place on the list of good mobile phone service and internet providers in the Nigerian telecom industry. There is virtually no part of the country that you won’t find Airtel network service. Why waiting further?

Source: Nyscinfo

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