Airtel Talk More Code For 500% Bonus 2022

The Airtel TalkMore Bundles gives you Five times as many calls value. In other words, when you buy a bundle, you earn a 500 percent return on your investment. So, to use your airtime for calls and SMS, you simply multiply it by 5. Talkmore Bundles can be used for both local calls within Nigeria at a speed of 60 kobo/sec and long-distance calls to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, and India. The package can also be used for browsing.

The Talkmore bundle is available to subscribers on both prepaid and postpaid plans. Talkmore bundles can be purchased by dialing the Airtel Talkmore code 234# and selecting the package you want from the USSD menu. Alternately, you can call by dialing the Airtel Talkmore code, then the special code for the selected bundle. e.g., bundle code *234 followed by a #. For the N60 Talkmore bundle, dial *23460#, for instance.

The Airtel Talkmore Direct Recharge code, 1261*Recharge PIN#, can also be used to directly purchase an Airtel Talkmore bundle with an airtime recharge pin. Only recharge PIN vouchers for amounts up to N100, N200, N300, N500, and N1000 are eligible for this. Therefore, you must dial the Talkmore bundle code if you desire a bundle value, such as N150, that is not offered as a recharge voucher.

The list of Airtel Talkmore bundle codes can be seen below. Each code follows dialing 126 and is unique to a bundle.

Airtel talk more code

  • N300 value for N60, dial *234*60#
  • N500 value for N100, dial *234*100#
  • N750 value for N150, dial *234*150#
  • N1,000 value for N200, dial *234*200#
  • N1,250 value for N250, dial *234*250#
  • N1,500 value for N300, dial *234*300#
  • N2,500 value for N500, dial *234*500#
  • N3,500 value for N700, dial *234*700#
  • N5,000 value for N1,000, dial *234*1000#
  • N7,500 value for N1,500, dial *234*1500#
  • N15,000 value for N3,000, dial *234*30#

Except for the N60 for the N300 bundle, which has a 3-day validity term, all bundles are valid for a duration of 30 days.

There are multiple Airtel Talkmore bundles available for purchasing. Therefore, you do not need to wait until the currently used bundle is finished before purchasing a new one. You can make multiple purchases, and they will all be added collectively to the remaining value of your Talkmore package.

If you purchase multiple Talkmore bundles, the last Talkmore bundle you bought will determine the validity of your remaining bundle credits. For instance, if you bought another bundle after your current Airtel Talkmore bundle’s validity had expired and had only 10 days left, your balance’s validity would now be 30 days.

You should be aware that a Talkmore bundle can only be used to make calls and browse before purchasing one. Therefore, trying to buy data by multiplying your airtime will not work. You cannot transfer it to another user either.

Airtel Talk More Balance Code

You must dial the Airtel Talkmore balance code rather than the standard Airtel balance code in order to check the balance of your Airtel Talkmore bundle.

1235# is the balance code for Airtel Talkmore. Therefore, your Talkmore bundle balance will be displayed when you dial the USSD code on your phone. Additionally, the authenticity of the remaining balance will be shown.

Activate the Airtel talk more code

There isn’t a deactivation code for Airtel Talkmore. An Airtel Talkmore bundle that you have purchased remains in your balance until it is used up or the end of the bundle’s validity term. A bundle you’ve purchased cannot be cancelled.

Simply cease buying Talkmore packages to turn off Airtel Talkmore. To continue enjoying the regular recharge perks associated with the tariff plan you are on, replenish your airtime vouchers using the standard recharge code 126PIN#.

All prepaid and postpaid users can take advantage of the 500 percent recharge bundle known as Airtel Talkmore, which is not a tariff package. Any Airtel user, whether new or current, can purchase an Airtel Talkmore bundle regardless of their tariff plan.

It is neither connected to or restricted to just one group on the Airtel network. Therefore, the only way to activate or deactivate Airtel Talkmore is to forego buying the package.

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