How To Check & Get Your Lost Voter’s Card Back Online

Before being permitted to participate in the voting process, a voter must possess a voters’ card. The card serves as one of the conditions for accreditation during an election because it aids in your identification by the officials. Therefore, everybody who plans to cast a ballot must keep their ID card secure. However, if the card is destroyed or misplaced, a number of questions are raised. In this article, we’ll discuss how to check your missing or damaged voter’s card in Nigeria online and how to receive a replacement.

How to check my lost voters’ card online in Nigeria

To check for your lost voter’s card online in Nigeria, follow the procedures below;

  • Visit the portal for INEC Voter’s Verification.
  • Fill in the required fields under the INEC voters’ verification website.
  • Once you are done filling in the required details, click the ‘Check Status’ icon.
  • You would then see the details of the card you lost displayed across your screen.

The person would be requested to explain the situation that led to the loss of the card when applying for a new one. If the explanation is legitimate, the applicant will be provided a new card as long as the election is still scheduled to take place in around 30 days.

How to get your Nigerian voter’s card back

Follow the steps below to reclaim your lost voter’s card online in Nigeria;

  • Visit the INEC Voter Registration Portal now.
  • A menu bar would be visible. To sign in or register, click the symbol.
  • Use your email address and password to log into your portal. You might need to register for a new account online if you don’t already have one by providing your information.
  • After completing the aforementioned procedures, you will be sent to your home screen.
  • Tap the ‘Lost or Damaged PVC’ icon.
  • Tap the ‘Request New Card’ icon.
  • You would then be directed to a page that is for the retrieval of the details you used for your voter’s registration.
  • To search through the list of details for the INEC registration, type in your first name, last name, and your state.
  • Once the information you presented tally with any of the record details, you would easily find the necessary details displayed on your screen.
  • Check through the displayed details to be sure that it’s really yours.
  • Before tapping the “Accept” icon next to the declaration warning, click the “Start Review” icon. If the details are not yours, you can decide not to hit the “Accept” icon. You shouldn’t click the “Accept” icon either if you discover any false information.
  • Then, you would have to complete a few more essential fields.
  • You would then need to upload a photo of yourself from your passport. Make sure the image is scanned for clarity to prevent your application from being rejected. White background should be used when taking the picture as well.
  • After completing each of the aforementioned steps, you can move on to physically complete the remaining steps. It would be simple for you to visit any INEC office in your area and ask for a fresh voter’s card.

You should also be aware that you can only get this new voter’s card if you apply around a month before the election. When the new card is delivered to you, the word “Duplicate” will be written clearly on the front.

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  1. Orire Titilayo

    I misplaced my PVC as well, how can i get another one. I need it to verify my identity please.

  2. Please I lost my voters card and I need it this week for my job verification or else I will be fired

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