All You Need To Know About National Arts Theatre Iganmu

The National Arts Theatre was built in 1976 and hosted the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 1977. It is multipurpose national landmark for the preservation, presentation, and development of Nigerian arts and culture.

The  National Arts Theatre is the primary center for performing arts in Nigeria, situated in Iganmu on the mainland of Lagos and was built under Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo’s military rule. It stands out as a landmark building inside the city thanks to its facade, which is designed like a military headgear.

The structure is known as “the culture house,” and it stands for one of Nigeria’s most recognizable national emblems for its arts and culture both at home and abroad.

The theatre, which is located approximately a half-hour drive from Lagos Island, is one of Nigeria’s best works of art and a popular tourist destination in Lagos. Its auditorium can hold around 3,000 people, while its conference hall can hold about 800 people. There are facilities in the room for simultaneous translation in 8 different languages.

In addition, the structure has a restaurant, a bar, and two movie theaters.

The building offers the following amenities and was recently upgraded and renovated for public use:

  1. Main Auditorium (about 3000 seats capacity)
  2. Conference banquet hall (about 1000 seats capacity)
  3. Cenima halls (about 350 seats capacity each)
  4. Exibihiton hall (about 1500 seats capacity)
  5. Cabaac hall (about 1500 seats capacity)
  6. lobby (a,b,c,d) (about 250 seats capacity)
  7. Lawns
  8. Restaurants and bars
  9. 1500 kva and two 400 kva power generators
  10. Police post
  11. Private security gaurds sniffer doggs
  12. Good water system
  13. Large car park

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