Kamp Ikare Beach Resort, Lagos, Facilities And Prices

The most straightforward, hassle-free atmosphere for your leisure can be found at Kamp Ikare, a beach resort that offers home-away-from-home amenities and services. It mixes the natural surroundings, which are rustic, with a Miami-style lounge area.

Only by boat is Camp Ikare located on a section of the Lagos coast close to the Ikare hamlet.

Six duplex cabins are located around a pool in the resort’s main beach house, which is only a few meters from the water.

You can spend the night in one of their fully air-conditioned bungalows if one afternoon is not enough.

The sound of the ocean is the ideal way to wake up. The best option to get away without traveling too far is to spend a day or a night at Camp Ikare.

The cost includes a homemade meal (and breakfast if staying over). But if they get busy, you might have to navigate yourself there.

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort Facilities

1. KAMP Kabin

The two independent apartments in this luxurious duplex give seclusion and access to ensuite bathrooms. Each suite is themed and created with its own distinctive décor. The Klassic Suite sleeps four adults, while the Kouch Suite sleeps just one, and all Kabins have sea views.

2. KAMP Krib

Moroccan-style rooms are located on the Penthouse floor of the KAMP House and are used as opulently decorated lounge areas during the day to unwind and take in the sea breeze.

There is a beautiful enclosed chamber where visitors can sleep well behind private curtains created by the soft white leather wall panels and fabric tented ceilings.

3. KAMP Kot

A straightforward yet practical single-person homemade sleep pod with a mosquito net, fan, and a single bed constructed with linens. The Kots provide simple lodging that is better suited for large gatherings or business retreats that have reserved the entire KAMP site for the night. The KAMP House provides shade, making it possible for guests to take advantage of the open beach night air in a rustic setting.

  • A large main communal house with 3 levels
  • 6 duplex cabins with private beach gardens
  • Swimming pool
  • Plunge pool
  • Large kitchen facility for catering or self-catered

Available for day and over-night rentals

What To Do At Kamp Ikare

1. KAMP Activities

You can choose from as much or as little to do at KAMP. Just let them know what you need, and they will try to make your time with them absolutely delightful. They have a wide range of entertainment and activities alternatives.

2. KAMP Dining

At KAMP Ikare, eating is a social event. Being a way of life, they typically offer all-day buffets and BBQs. But, it is entirely up to you where you want to eat, and they will make every effort to do so.

3. KAMP Lounging

There are several places to unwind at KAMP Ikare, including quiet areas where you can spend time with your partner, small alcoves where you can catch up with friends, and beachside areas where you may solve Nigeria’s issues. You choose how to unwind at KAMP.

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