How to Improve Android phone Camera Quality

Because of their features, flexibility, and mobility, Android phones are fantastic. They are powerful instruments on which many of us rely in our daily lives. One of the most commonly used features of an Android phone is its camera for self-portraits, sometimes known as selfies. It’s simple to see why so many of us are ready to dismiss the Android phone camera’s capabilities. We may know very little about their entire potential because they are so little. This article is about how to improve android phone camera quality.

Believe me when I say that your phone is more capable than you might think; but certain elements, such as software, hardware condition, and others, limit its performance.

Make sure there are no fingerprints or dirt on the lens. Dust and microparticles obstruct the passage of light through the lens, resulting in foggy or unclear images. Read how to sign up for Abeg account 2021.

Step 1:

Before taking a picture with your Android phone, you must first do the simplest but most crucial thing.

To clean the lens, use a lens-cleaning cloth or a microfiber cloth. If you use a paper towel or other items, the surface may be scratched. If you have it, cleaning fluid, isopropyl alcohol, or distilled water can also be used.

Step 2:

To wipe the lens, fold the cloth into a triangle and damp the inner corner. It’s vital to note that you should just spritz, dab, or damp the towel, not the phone, at this point.

Step 3:

Gently clean the lens. To avoid scratching or ruining the phone’s camera lens, don’t apply too much pressure. The rubbing motion with the damp cloth softens and removes the stains.

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Step 4:

Gently dry the lens with the dry part of the cloth. Repeat the process until the lens is entirely free of debris. This should be done regularly to keep dirt and grime from accumulating. Always have a cloth on hand and avoid wiping the lens with anything other than a cloth.

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Method-Two: Stabilize Your Phone

You’ll receive clear, sharp, and high-quality photographs if you keep your phone steady. A picture’s quality might be ruined by shaky hands.

Rest your elbows on a sturdy and stable surface while snapping a picture. Alternatively, you may require the use of a tripod or monopod. how to improve android phone camera quality

There are several tripods on the market that work with any device. These are quite useful, especially when photographing with HDR. With so many options, you will find one that meets your requirements. Use a monopod, often known as a selfie stick, to take a shot of yourself from a distance for selfies. When you’re on the run, these are portable and easy to transport.


Cleaning the lens and using a tripod are two of the most effective ways to improve image quality. Third-party apps are wonderful for fueling our imagination and having fun while capturing images.

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Updated: August 13, 2021 — 12:38 pm

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