Firstbank Nigeria Recruitment 2021 – Apply Now!

Have you ever dreamt of working in the banking sector? Do you have what it takes to be part of a banking firm? Well, a chance has come for you to apply for a massive recruitment, that only come once in a while.

Apply for Firstbank Nigeria RecruitmentFirstbank of Nigeria Ltd. is a banking firm (financial institute) that was founded in the year 1894. As one of the first banks in Nigeria it was first named ‘Bank of British West Africa’, until the year 1979 when its name was changed to the current name ‘First Bank Of Nigeria’.

The bank employes sixteen thousand (16,000) staff across the country and still counting.
As at current, the bank do operate in most African countries as well as foreign countries with the trade name FBN (i.e FBN Bank Ghana, FBN Bank UK, etc.).

The bank has a record of the only bank with the highest number of customers (clients) in the whole of West Africa, numbering eighteen million (18,000,000).

Positions for The Massive Recruitment
FBN is recruiting interested and qualified candidates into the following positions;

  • Team Lead, Corporate & Contracts
  • Unit Head Corporate & Contracts
  •  Senior Analyst, Scrum Master
  • Analyst, Scrum Master
  • Analyst, Product Owner
  • Senior Analyst, Product Owner
  • Senior Analyst, Sharepoint
  •  Head of Hub
  • Software Tester
  • Desk Head, Enterprise Applications
  • Senior Analyst, Core Network Design and Support
  • Software Developer
  •  Analyst, Developer (Mobile Application Development)
  • Analyst, DevOps Automation
  • Senior Analyst, Developer Robotic Process Automation
  • Senior Analyst, Enterprise Application
  • Analyst, Front End Development
  • Analyst, Automated Testing
  • Analyst, Developer (Mobile Development)
  • Analyst, Messaging & Collaboration
  • Analyst, Channels Infrastructure
  • Senior Analyst (Front End Development)
  • Desk Head, Messaging & Collaboration
  • Team Member, Business Process improvement.
  • User acceptance testing Officer.
  • Team Member, Technical Infrastructure.
  • Review Officer (Network).
  • Analyst, MIS, Business Analytics and Performance Management
  • Senior Analyst, DevOps Automation
  • Team Lead, Channels Support.
  • Head, Business Application & User Experience
  • Senior Analyst, Governance/Compliance/Risk.
  • Control Officer, External IT, and Security Infrastructure Review.w
  • Analyst, Developer Robotic Process Automation
  • Analyst, IT Finance and Vendor Management
  • Team Member, eFraud & Digital Forensic Investigation.
  • Team Member, Security Operations.
  • Analyst, Enterprise Application.
  • Relationship Manager, Private Banking Group (Private Banker)
  • Desk Head, Channels Infrastructure.
  • Finance & Vendor Met.
  • Team Lead Program Management.
  • Snr Analyst, Business Application (.NET).
  • Tl, e-business, and retail product development.
  • Senior Analyst, Channels & Connect24 Development.
  • Team Lead, DevOps Automation.
  • Team Lead Infrastructure Monitoring.
  • Analyst, Business Application (.NET).
  • Team Lead Vulnerability Mgt.

How to Apply for Firstbank Nigeria Recruitment

Those willing to apply should Click Here to submit their application.

Note: All applicants should click on the preferred position in the portal, to see more information about the position(s) such as duties of the position, requirements, and also closing date.

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  1. Nwoba Izuchukwu Israel

    How can I apply for first bank job .am in need of it am by name nwoba Izuchukwu Israel.from Ebonyi state .

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