Apply For Lagos State Ministry of Health Recruitment 2022

The Lagos State Ministry of Health’s Grant Management Unit is hiring for the post below, which has a contract period of 19 months (June 2022 to December 2023)

The Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMoH) has been designated as a Principal Recipient (PR) for a Global Fund Grant for Tuberculosis and Resilient Sustainable Health Systems (RSSH). The Ministry of Health, as the Principal Recipient, is legally responsible for the management of the integrated grant, ensuring programmatic results and financial accountability of grant funds.

The Ministry of Health established the Grant Management Unit (GMU) to carry out the tasks of the Principal Recipient in order to fulfill the PR’s mandate. In carrying out its mandate, the Grant Management Unit collaborates with other LSMoH implementing units (TB and RSSH), Sub-Recipients (SRs), and other implementing partners to ensure that the grant is managed and implemented in accordance with the grant agreement signed between the Global Fund and the Principal Recipient.

  • Chest X-Ray M&E Officer
  • Chest X-Ray Field Supervisor
  • Data Officer
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Medical Laboratory Technician

How To Apply

For requirements and how to submit application, please click on this link to visit the official application portal for the Lagos State Ministry of Health Recruitment.

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  1. Dear sir/ma. Please can someone which is not a lagosian apply for the Lagos State ministry of health job?


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