ASUU Calls for Act Criminalizing Public Office Holders from Sending their wards to Foreign Schools

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has proposed that a law banning public office holders from sending their children and wards to study in foreign schools should be enacted.

This was contained in a statement released by the Akure Zone of the union jointly signed by the Zonal Coordinator Professor Olu Olu Olufanga and the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) ASUU branch chairman Dr. Olayinka Awopetu.

According to the union, the action will reduce the decadence in the nation’s education and health sector.

The union also called on the Federal government to compel the ruling class and their dependents from seeking both educational and medical intervention outside outside the country.

The statement reads:

“Members of the ruling class and their cohorts have their wards schooling abroad, so they have no commitment to end ASUU strike since political office holders has become occupational rather than public service.

Untilw demonstrate two very important practice as laws in Nigeria, me may not get out of the doldrums – first,an Act to compel all Public office holders and Government appointees to have their education in the country”.

The statement also called on an Act being enacted to criminalize all Political office holders, appointees and their families from seeking medical care outside the country.

“When these two laws are enacted, perhaps we will gradually see the end of the needless ASUU strike in the country”. The statement reads.

1 thought on “ASUU Calls for Act Criminalizing Public Office Holders from Sending their wards to Foreign Schools”

  1. The day our leaders start to implement right of citizens ship .is the day we start becoming a nation. I don’t see reason our public officer’s . should be sending their children to forgin country for schoolings . while the emagin poor class is left in Nigeria.every country train s. Her leaders. Let the law starts now.because education is the basic foundation of development not big cars and bogus houses

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