How to Apply for UK Masters Degree Program in Nigeria

The United Kingdom is among the top academic hub of the world. It is also one of the best countries in the world to enroll for your masters’ degree program. One can never regret pursuing a masters’ program in UK. In this post, we shall look at how to apply for UK Masters¬†program in Nigeria.

So, this post is made handy to guide you on steps to apply for UK masters degree program in Nigeria.

UK remains one country in the world that still value Nigerian Certificates. The masters program registration process is very easy. You can either register by yourself or by proxy (agent).

There are over 5,000 Nigerian students studying post-graduate courses in the United Kingdom. This shows you have better chances to be admitted.

You are likely to get in touch with a host of Nigerian communities of different ethnic groups. This is because there are many students from Nigeria studying in UK.

You are definitely going to be well guided by Nigerians over there. London seems to have a numerous number of Nigerians as residents. See how to apply for German masters degree program in Nigeria.

How to apply for UK masters program in Nigeria

Below are easy steps to be admitted into a masters’ degree program in United Kingdom:

Step 1: Select your choice course

Find the appropriate course you want so as to start the registration process. There are over 40,000 courses to select from.

Try as much as possible to contact the institution for further details before selecting your preferred course. Also know if you are qualified or not.

Step 2: Fill and submit your application

After selecting your preferred course of study, and submit your application form. This process is not the same with every institution.

Step 3: Check if you are eligible for visa issuance

It is very necessary to check if your eligibility for UK visa application. Do this before you begin registration.

Sort visa eligibility together with entry requirements before you start registrations.

Get a detail of the requirements that are displayed by the institute in their website. Your choice is also a function of the needed requirements.

Requirement for UK masters program in Nigeria

Below are some requirements for UK masters program:

1. Second class upper (first degree)

A¬†minimum¬†of second class upper grade in your bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for UK masters program. It can also be called 2:1 degree (two one). Students are required to attain 3.5 or above in their CGPA. They may also accept graduate with second class lower (2:2).

2. Must have undergone some post-graduate studies

Many institutions in UK always require that a prospective student should undergo a post-graduate studies. This can also be a major entry requirement.

3. Must have passed IELT exam

Every University in UK has International English Language Test (IELT) as a major requirement before you can get entry to study in UK.

It is a test for English proficiency exam. It determines how well you can communicate in English language for studies.

You have to score 7 and above on a scale of 10, whereas other institution may require 8 or 9 on a same scale of 10.

You can contact your school of interest for further information regarding IELT.

Application methods

Most of the post graduate programs in UK combine both research and learning. This is to make the student outstanding in any part of the world in any field.

You will be on a safer side to apply early as masters degree applicant. Applying early increases your chances of entry.

It is a first come first serve scenario. The only means of applying is through the specified university’s dedicated website. Some charges fee while others don’t.

Ensure that you are well informed before applying for any university. Many schools resumes in September in UK. So attempt to register before then.

Some other school starts in January, so¬†its¬†important to check the school’s calendar.

Supporting documents.

Your applications come with some vital documents. These documents vary from institution to institution. Ensure to find out the details from the university before applying.

The supporting documents include:

  1. A valid proof of your first degree

  2. Academic references

  3. IELTS certificate

  4. A statement supporting your reasons for applying for your masters’ degree program in that preferred school in United Kingdom.

  5. Resume/CV.

Make sure to connect with your choice university, so as to know other needed documents. Attach the documents together with your application form.

A good number of schools in UK can permit the submission of application form even when your supporting documents are yet to be ready, and the documents can still be submitted on a later date.

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