How to Apply for German Masters program in Nigeria

Its always difficult to apply for a masters’ degree program in Germany from Nigeria if you are not well informed. In this article, you will learn how to easily apply for German masters program in Nigeria.

German masters program in Nigeria

Germany is one of the European countries that has a world class standerd educational system. It’s an ideal place to pursue your masters degree. See 10 cheapest countries for international study.

This post is aimed to put Nigerians through the easiest method to apply and gain admission into their choices of Masters’ program in Germany. It also suggests how best to study in Germany by scholarship. See steps to study abroad for fresh graduates.

How to Apply for German Masters program in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria, follow the simple steps below to apply for German Masters degree programs;

Step 1: Choose institution and course

First, find the best school for yourself, then select a course that will be suitable for your career goals. You can find list of institutions that offer masters program in Germany by performing a simple Google search.

Germany has many program for masters’ degree but it’s advisable to do some research before picking one.

Your rearch should cover things like: study patterns/syllabus, institution location, school fees, practical aids, affiliations, etc.

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Please, ensure your chosen institution and program suit your dream.

Step 2: Check if you meet the requirements

Check the program and institution’s entry requirements. Many institutions displays their requirements on their websites. You can also enquire from them through their e-mail address. Please, make sure you get every information from the right source.

Step 3: Proficiency in language.

German institutions are likely to favour candidates that have good knowledge of German or English language, so that the candidate may understand what is being taught in class.

Many courses are tutored in English language in the masters’ degree level. Candidates are required to take a standard English test before applying. International English Language Test (IELT) is the recommended test to take to prove your proficiency in English language.

The school of your English test would be needed owing to the institution of your choice, the program you selected and the accompanying examination.

For instance, if you intends to study social sciences, it’s important to have the knowledge of the language used in teaching it.

Furthermore, higher score in IELT may not be needed for a program in natural sciences because it is mostly practical lab sessions and calculations.

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Step 4: Close and submit your application.

Gather all required documents and cross check it again to know if everything is correct, then you can now submit your German masters’ degree program form.

A mutual online platform for this is available ( This platform enables you to generate an account, select your choice course, and upload your documents.

Some other universities have their own dedicated online platform, and only attend to applications made through it.

Stage 5: Wait for the institution to give you admission notification

This is a period to exercise patience and allow the institution you applied to do their work. You can use this waiting moment to research more on Germany as a whole.

German institutions are hot cake and amongst the best desired in Europe. Their Institutions usually gets large number of international applicants on yearly basis. So, your waiting time may extend to more than one month.

Students may not follow their application progress because German institutions don’t give out such information.

Step 6: You need a health insurance

It’s necessary you get health insurance if you already live in Germany so as to be health insured.

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There are basically Statutory health insurance and private health insurance.

Step 7: Be financially ready

A foreign students requires up to 10.5k Euros in his bank account according to German standard for international masters degree students. This serves as a proof of financial stability. The Naira equivalent is N4,400,245.

This sum is the figure that is believed that will sustain you in Germany as a student for one year. However, this amount is the prerequisite before you can be given a student visa.

Also note that the sum amount is high for a normal student and its very necessary you start on time to gather the said amount .

Step 8: Get a student Visa.

This is the last but not the least. As a Nigerian, it’s important you get your student visa ready because it will be needed for your application.

After adhering to the steps listed above, you can then approach the German embassy in Nigeria to get information. From their you can now start you visa applications processes.

Be time conscious because your visa application and the moment it’s ready may exceed the deadline for enrolling. This is very important for you to meet up with masters’ degree program timetable.

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