How to Apply for ATLAS Citizen Volunteer Program 

The ATLAS Citizen Volunteer Team Leaders Program is now accepting applications. The Team Leader position is for innovative and extraordinary ethical leaders in civic engagement and social entrepreneurship who are willing to serve as team leaders on a six-month youth volunteer programme. This post will reveal to you, how to apply for ATLAS citizen volunteer program.

As a team leader, you’ll work in pairs to support ATLAS Citizen Program youth volunteers. This rigorous job necessitates young thinking leaders stretching themselves and gaining valuable managerial experience. Rad also How to Apply for ESPEN Competition & Award 2021

The ATLAS Initial Project

The Access to Learning and School (ATLAS) initiative is a social enterprise that aims to address inequalities in educational and learning access, particularly in marginalised communities. ATLAS was inspired by Jacob Henry, a volunteer in a tiny town in Ikorodu, Lagos, who championed a “return to school” initiative. Jacob had tracked down thirty (30) youngsters, gathered funds for them, and enrolled them in school. His efforts generated a sense of responsibility among his peers and friends, resulting in a large-scale movement to re-enroll out-of-school youngsters in school in the shape of a Global Social Change.

ATLAS Citizen Volunteer Team Leaders Program Goals and Benefits

  1. Facilitate the volunteer’s personal, professional, and social development by teaching them skills, knowledge, and understanding about digital disruptions.
  2. In selected communities, ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities.
  3. Develop volunteers’ understanding of civic leadership, social entrepreneurship, and active citizenship.
  4. Raise money to assist the ATLAS Initiative’s work in disadvantaged and marginalised areas.

ATLAS Citizen Volunteer Team Leaders Program Requirements Qualification

  1. Must live in Lagos State and be ready to go to Ikorodu once a week for field activities.
  2. Access to the internet and a computer with a stable connection
  3. Exceptional fundraising abilities
  4. Experienced in organising meetings and generating lively discussions on social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram)
  5. Be tech-savvy and creative in your use of social media, and offer content in fun ways to interest young people. Be able to change the information to fit the group’s needs. Possess the ability to communicate information and create engaging material, such as photographs, short articles, and videos.
  6. Natural storyteller: be able to share material that users will find interesting.
  7. Personable: Have a sociable, amiable, and friendly demeanour, as well as a willingness to engage volunteers and share content in a pleasant manner.
  8. Authenticity is acting ethically in every encounter and upholding the ATLAS Initiative’s principles in both internal and external relationships.

How to Apply for ATLAS Citizen Volunteer Program

Interested and qualified should visit ATLAS Initiative on to apply

For more information, visit ATLAS website

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