How To Withdraw Cash From ATM With Fingerprint | Biometric Withdrawal

Do you forget or misplace your ATM card? You can still withdraw money from Automated Teller Machine (ATM) using your fingerprint. Fingerprint withdrawal is a new feature that was added to some ATMs, giving you access to withdraw your money without a debit card. In this post, we shall discuss how to withdraw money from ATM using your fingerprint.

Biometric enabled ATM gives cash by scanning your ‘finger vein’, so this requires no ATM card or PIN. You can now withdraw cash using your fingerprints on any of the selected biometric support ATM.

Kindly note that withdrawing cash using fingerprint is more secure than using a debit card. It also removes the need to carry your debit card around. This new way of withdrawing cash is one of the most convenient ways to access ATMs, though it is similar to the *Cardless Withdrawal, but more convenient.

With FingerPrint ATM Withdrawal, one needs not to generate any 12-digit withdrawal reference number before they can withdraw cash.

Surprisingly, not many people use Fingerprint to withdraw cash from ATM, maybe they don’t know about this (lack of information) or they are just sceptic about the new feature due to phobia of trying something new, especially if the old method still works.

How to withdraw money from ATM using your Fingerprint

FingerPrint ATM Withdrawal1. Locate any ATM that has fingerprint scanner.

  1. Press any button on the keyboard.

  2. Select “FingerPrint Withdrawal” from the displayed options.

  3. Enter the “Phone Number” that linked to your account.

  4. Press “Proceed”.

  5. Place your Right-thumb on the Fingerprint scanner, and allow for 5 to 10 seconds.

  6. Remove your hand and press on “Proceed”.

  7. Enter the “Amount” that you want to withdraw, and press ‘Enter’ button.

  8. Finally, wait for the machine to dispense cash, and transaction is completed.

Note: In step 4 above, some Banks set their ATMs to request for account number instead of phone number of your account.

Source: NYSCinfo

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