Bayelsa Free Agricultural Training And Empowerment (BFATEI) Coordinators Arrested

The ‘Bayelsa Free Agricultural Training And Empowerment program’ which is being projected by some Bayelsan youths, who claim that the scheme empowers other Bayelsan youths in the agricultural sector has being busted.

According to Mr. Festus Daumiebi S. who is one of the allege sponsors of the program alongside Hon. Chief Michael Magbisa, Hon. Ebiegberi Diri, the initiators who beseeched the above named Persons for sponsorship, made known to them that the program will uplift potential youths of Bayelsa State, with the assurance that potential beneficiaries wouldn’t pay a dime during the course of the program, ended up charging them a thousand naira (N1,000) each instead of making it a free program as promised.

This alone made him withdrew his sponsorship as he perceived a fraudulent act by the so-called initiators. He said that, at first he promised to support them with all he could, and started with a free plot of lands to those that will need land to start their farming after the program.

But when he realizes that something fishy is going on, he had to end all his support, as he can’t be part of such activity. Especially after hearing that the promoters are demanding money from interested Bayelsans, of which the initial plan of the scheme was to support beneficiaries and not to extort from them.

Even after all efforts to stop them from collecting money through the scheme, they still went on with their arranged plot, which prompted the intervention of the Bayelsa State Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Hon. David Alagoa and other security operatives went after them and got them arrested.

Although most Bayelsan youths really hope to receive grants/Agric-loans at Opolo town hall from the initiators of the program, but it is a thing of grace to have detect their fraudulent plan on time.

More information will definitely be passed to the general public in this regard, hence our esteem readers should always visit our webpage for genuine, and important update.

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