Prices of Best Aluminum Roofing Sheets In Nigeria

In building, the type of material used in roofing a house determines the beauty of the house, as well as the respect attached to such building in the area where it is located. In this article, we will show you the best aluminum roofing sheets in Nigeria and how much they are sold.

Prices of Best Aluminum Roofing Sheets In Nigeria

Find below, the prices of aluminum roofing sheets in the:

1. Aluminum Roofing Sheets

This is the most common type of roofing sheet in Nigeria. It is mostly patronized as a strong-coated roofing sheet. While this is very cost effective for the low income earners, its downsides include its suspected to rusting and the noise it generates during rainy seasons. Also, the prices vary according to types and they do not make use the same woodwork. Below are the prices of this type of aluminum per meter and sizes:

• Long Span Aluminum 1 – 0.45mm – N2, 100 per meter.

• Long Span Aluminum 2 – 0.55mm – N2, 700 per meter.

• Step-Tile Aluminum 1 – 0.45mm – N2, 400 per meter.

• Step-Tile Aluminum 2 – 0.55mm – N2, 800 per meter.

• Metcoppo Aluminum 1 – 0.45mm – N2, 500 per meter.

• Metcoppo Aluminum 2 – 0.55mm – N2, 900 per meter.

Note that aluminum roofing sheets are also categorized into foreign and local aluminum and this is bases on the countries where they are manufactured.

2. Stone-coated Roofing Sheets

This is considered the longest-lasting roofing sheets in Nigeria. It comes in varying designs and sizes. It is made from steel and metal sheets and doesn’t rust like the aluminum roofing sheets. One of the downsides of this sheet is that it needs a lot of work to be done when fixing the woodwork. Its advantages include unique beauty, soundproof and is lightweight.


• Milano design – 0.55mm – N3, 400 per meter

• Classic design – 0.55mm – N3, 300 per meter

• Bond design – 0.55mm – N3, 000 per meter

• Shingles design – 0.55mm – N3, 400 per meter

• Wooden Shake – 0.55mm – N3, 400 per meter

• Roman design – 0.55mm – N2, 600 per meter

3. Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets

Before now, this was the most popular aluminum roofing sheet in Nigeria for every house builder. However the demand for it has gone down, not because it is of bad quality, but because people are going for alternatives and the latest. It is very cost effective and sells for N3,400 per meter and N4,900 per meter for Fibre Britment Step-Tile Roofing Sheets.

4. Swiss Roofing Sheets

This epitomizes class and oozes beauty and absolute durability. It is not that famous because of its cost per square meter. It cost between N4, 000 and N5,000 per square meter.

5. Corrugated Roofing Sheets

If you are looking to roof an agricultural building, then this is the type of aluminum roofing sheet that you should go for. It is strong against harsh weather and can go for years with no sign of aging.

Price: 2 ½ X 6 ft. (12 pieces) – N10, 000

6. Plastic or Transparent Roofing Sheets

This is the last ranked aluminum sheets in Nigeria. It is less durable and is mostly used in Nigeria for roofing extension in shops and in houses’ frontages. It comes in green and blue colors.

Price: 2 ½ X 6 ft. – N1,000 per piec e,


Please, have it in mind that prices may change, depending on the company you are buying from.

Source: Nyscinfo

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