NYSC Registration Cost and Things Needed At Cyber Cafe

This post shows the online NYSC registration cost and things needed at Cyber Cafe for online registration processes. I urge you to read this post line by line so that you won’t miss out any gist.

What Is NYSC Online Registration?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) online registration is a process of submitting online application for National service participation through the NYSC ICT.

During online registration period, NYSC will open its registration portal to receive applications from eligible candidates.

How much does it cost to register for NYSC?

There are two major payments that Prospective Corps Member will make during the NYSC online registration:

  1. Payment for NYSC Call-up letter, and

  2. Payment for Cyber Cafe service

Payment for NYSC Call-up Letter

To be able to print your Call-up letter online, you’ll be required to pay the sum of ₦2,786.24.

Only Prospective Corps Members who want their Call-up numbers sent to them through SMS and wish to PRINT their call-up letters online are expected to pay ₦2,786.24.

Prospective Corps Members who do not want to pay the ₦2,786.24 have the option of going to their schools to collect their Call-up letters.

Note: Prospective Corps Members who paid for the online registration before but were not mobilized need not pay again.

Advantage of Paying ₦2,786.24 for Call-up letter

  • Paying ₦2,786.24 will save you the stress and cost of going to your Institution to pick-up your Call-up letter
  • You can never lose your Call-up letter since you will be allowed to re-print it for multiple times.

Disadvantages of Paying ₦2,786.24

There is no disadvantage expect that it’ll cost you the sum of ₦2,786.24

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Payment for Cyber Cafe service

This payment is the money that you’ll pay to Cyber Cafe owners for their services, unless the Cyber Cafe owner is your brother, friend or relation who might decide not to collect money from you. If you have your own Computer and thumbprint device, you can do your registration all by yourself without having to pay anyone a dime.

The amount you pay to Cyber Cafe owners for the NYSC online registration is not fixed, it totally depends on the negotiation between you and the Cyber Cafe man.

However, their service cost ranges from ₦1,500 to ₦3,000 depending on your location

Things You Should Go To Cyber Cafe With For Your NYSC Online Registration.

Below is the list of things that Prospective Corps members should take along with them to the registration center for online registration.

  1. A passport photograph: You passport photograph should be clear without any obstruction. The background color should be white or off-white.

  2. Make up Free Face: Do not apply heavy make-up that day because you might use webcam.

  3. Biro: You might need Biro to write important things, at least that will save save you from going around begging for Biro.

  4. Email Account: You need to have an email that you know the login password, gmail is preferable. If you don’t have a gmail address, please create it now and keep the password safe.

  5. ATM card: You need ATM card (Visa or MasterCard) to pay NYSC the sum of ₦2,786.24 for online Call-up letter printing. Another option to pay is to print the payment slip during your registration, and then go to the designated bank along with the slip and cash to make the payment, but that can be stressful!

  6. Cash: You need to go with some cash to pay the Cyber Cafe owner and make other miscellaneous expenses.

  7. Your School Matriculation number and JAMB Reg number: Some prospective corps members do not know their Matriculation and JAMB Reg number off head, please write it out on a piece of paper and take it along with other items

  8. Documents for Foreign trained graduates: All the foreign trained graduates need to upload their documents during the online registration. Click here to see all the required documents for foreign trained graduates.

  9. Marriage documents for married women: Married Prospective Corps Members who need concessional deployment (posting to where their husband stay) whether foreign or locally-trained should upload copies of their marriage documents during online registration (Click here to see those documents married)

  10. Medical Report for those with Disabilities: If you are disabled, you need to go upload a medical report at least to support your claim.


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The cost for NYSC Call-up printing is ₦2,786.24. This amount is to be paid in favor of NYSC during online registration, it can either be paid with ATM card or through any designated bank.

The cost to register for NYSC at cyber cafe ranges from ₦1,500 to ₦3,000.

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Therefore, the NYSC online registration will cost about a total of ₦5000 to pay all that is payable.

Below are the list of things needed at cyber cafe for NYSC online registration: Passport photograph, make-up free face, Biro, e-mail account, ATM card, cash, matriculation number, JAMB reg number, marriage certificate etc.

If you have any question, drop it in the comment section.

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  2. Thanks for the update. Pls is the payment also for PCM who wants to re-validate?

    1. Yes, Cyber Cafe payment is for every PCM. But if you have paid for Call-up letter before no need to pay again during revalidation.

  3. i have been checking my name on the Senate list and it has been showing no record found what could b d cause ???

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  6. If I don’t have ATM Card to pay for call-up letter online, can the cyber cafe man use his own ATM card to pay online before I pay him back the money in hand?

    1. Yes, you are allowed to use anybody’s ATM card.

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