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Are you a prospective corps member looking forward to register for the National Youth Service Corps program? Do you want to know the cost of registering for NYSC? If ‘yes’, read this article till end as we walk you through the cost of NYSC online registration form at Cyber Cafe. Here we will answer questions such as; “What is the cost of NYSC online registration?” What documents are needed for NYSC registration at Cyber Cafe?”, and other important questions.

What Is NYSC Online Registration?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) online registration is a process of submitting application form to the management of NYSC through the internet. During online registration, the NYSC online portal opens to accept new registration from the eligible candidates.

How much does it cost to register for NYSC?

The NYSC online registration form is free, but there are two major payments you are required to make during the registration process. They are;

1) Payment for NYSC Call-up letter (optional) 

2) Payment for Cyber Cafe service

Let’s discuss these two payments in details to avoid making a mistake.

Payment for NYSC call-up letter (optional)

To be able to print your Call-up letter online, prospective corps members are to pay about ₦3,048. If you don’t pay, NYSC will deliver your call-up letter to your institution instead of allowing you access to print it online. Foreign trained graduates who do not pay would have to visit the NYSC Abuja headquarters to ask for their call-up letters. So, only prospective corps members who want to PRINT their call-up letters online at the comfort of their home will pay ₦3,048.

PCMs who do not want to pay the ₦3,048 have the option of going to their schools to collect their Call-up letters.

Advantage of Paying ₦3,048 for Call-up letter

  • Paying ₦3,048 will save you the stress and cost of going to your Institution to pick-up your Call-up letter,
  • You can never lose your Call-up letter since you can print and re-print as you wish.

Disadvantages of Paying ₦3,048

There is no disadvantage expect that it will cost you the sum of ₦3,048, you can see how to pay ₦3,048 to NYSC during online registration

Payment for Cyber Cafe service

This payment is the money that you will pay to Cyber Cafe owners for their services, unless the Cyber Cafe owner is your brother, friend or relation who may decide not to collect money from you.

But if you have a computer and or smartphone, you can do your registration by yourself without paying those in cyber cafe.

If you must do it in cyber cafe, the amount to pay Cyber Cafe owners depends on the negotiation between you and the Cyber Cafe owner. However, Cyber cafe service cost ranges from ₦1,500 to ₦3,000 depending on your location.

Documents you need in Cyber Cafe for NYSC Online Registration

Below is the list of things prospective corps members should take along with them to the registration center.

  1. A passport photograph: You passport photograph should be clear without any obstruction. The background color should be white or off-white.

  2. Make up Free Face: Do not apply heavy make-up that day. Ladies be warned!

  3. Biro: You need Biro to write important things, that will save you from begging.

  4. Email Account: You need to have an email address preferably gmail. If you don’t have a gmail address, please create one.

  5. ATM card: You need ATM card (Visa or Master Card) to pay NYSC the sum of ₦3,048. Paying with another person’s card is still acceptable.

  6. Cash: You need to go with some cash to pay the Cyber Cafe owner and make other miscellaneous expenses.

  7. Your School Matriculation number and JAMB Reg number: if you don’t know it off head, please write it out on a piece of paper and take it along with other items.

  8. Documents for Foreign trained graduates: All the foreign trained graduates need to upload their documents during the online registration. Click here to see the documents.

  9. Marriage documents for married women: Married Prospective Corps Members who need concessional deployment (posting to where their husband stay) whether foreign or locally-trained should upload copies of their marriage documents during online registration (Click here to see those documents married)

  10. Medical Report for those with Disabilities: If you are disabled, you need to upload a medical report to support your claim.


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The cost for NYSC Call-up printing is ₦3,048. This amount is to be paid in favor of NYSC during online registration, it can either be paid with ATM card or through any designated bank.

The cost to register for NYSC at cyber cafe ranges from ₦1,500 to ₦3,000.

Therefore, the NYSC online registration will cost about a total of ₦5000 to pay all that is payable.

Below are the list of things needed at cyber cafe for NYSC online registration: Passport photograph, make-up free face, Biro, e-mail account, ATM card, cash, matriculation number, JAMB reg number, marriage certificate etc.

Source: Nyscinfo

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68 thoughts on “Cost of NYSC Online Registration at Cyber Cafe”

  1. Am going for nysc exemption certificate, do I need to register online with nysc?

    My friends name is on d batch A 2020 list but he is yet to register coz of the effect of the pandemic, pls should he do? Or can he register with batch B?
    Kindly reply pls.

    1. Yes, you need to register online and print exemption slip which you will submit to NYSC through your school.

      Let your friends wait…NYSC will tell them what they will do when COVID-19 is over.

  2. Esezobor Lydia

    Pls how true is it that nd result is needed in the camp? Can i go with the nd statement of result or it must be the original certificate?

  3. Adeniyi Micheal

    Please i graduated in 2017 but my school just made my result available this year and I didn’t have any issue or rerun, please can I still apply for nysc mobilization because I was 30years by last year july

    1. Thanks for this info…please Do I need to pay the sum of 3040 for the exemption letter online?

      Also if I don’t pay now as I heard the registration is over, can I get the exemption letter from my school? (Noun)

  4. Adeniyi Elizabeth

    Am a sandwich student I don’t have jamb no how do I fill it. Also what will I use for the password. What is stream 2 . thanks

    1. 1. You are not a graduate without JAMB. So, you need to do JAMB regularization to get JAMB Reg. No
      2. Stream 2? Batch A is divided into two because NYSC has no space in camp to accommodate all of them at once.

  5. Pls concerning the call up letter,if I don’t want to pay the amount of #3040 during the reg bcs I’m living in the same town with where I did my school will it be prob to me.
    And also which time does the used to bring it to school.
    Old I need your respond

  6. Please our school( federal university Gashau) said that has submitted the hard copy to you but you are telling us that the list is not submitted to you.please I want know what is the reality of it?

  7. Good afternoon please I was posted for service during the last batch that went but I didn’t go due to the distance so am waiting for the new batch…I want to ask if am to do revalidation or remobilisation

  8. Good evening Sir, my name is Tijjani and am among the PCMs of the 2020 Batch A. Please sir I want to know if it’s possible to serve, as of December of last year we’ve collected our Original Certificates immediately after convocation and they’d also collected our school identity card which we couldn’t serve for nysc without iD card. Please sir i want to know if it’s possible to Enter camp without iD card???.. And I don’t knw if the NYSC management knw about the issue!!
    Thank you.

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