How To Check Your Name On NYSC Graduation List

In this post, you will learn how to check your name on the NYSC graduation list. Please note that NYSC graduation list is different from NYSC senate list. After reading this article, you will know the difference between the two lists.

Make sure your name is on both lists or you will not be allowed to register for NYSC.

What is NYSC graduation list?

The NYSC graduation list is the list of graduates who are eligible to take part in National service. All the Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) across Nigeria are mandated to submit their graduation list to NYSC for documentation.

Differences between graduation list and senate list

Below are the main differences between NYSC graduation list and Senate list;

  • NYSC graduation list contains the names of all graduates, while NYSC Senate list contains only the names of candidates eligible for service.
  • Graduation list shows registered or yet to register status of graduates, while senate list status tells you if you are qualify to register.
  • Senate list serves as ‘licence’ to NYSC online registration, while Graduation list serves as ‘hope’ for NYSC registration.
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If you wish to check your name on the NYSC Senate List, Click Here.

How to check your name on NYSC graduation list

Below are the steps by steps procedures to check your name on the NYSC graduation list;

1. Go to the NYSC portal at

2. Scroll down to find “View Graduation List” link

Nysc graduation list

3. Click on “View Graduation List” link. Once you click on the link, a form will pop-up. Fill the form, and

4. Click on ”Extract PCM” button to view the list.

Follow the guideline below to fill the graduation list request form that will pop-up when you click on ”View Graduation List”

Nysc graduation list

  1. Select your Batch i.e. A, 2019

  2. Select your programme i.e 1st Degree (University)

  3. Select your Institution i.e Nnamdi Azikiwe University

  4. Select your Accredited Course i.e Statistics

  5. Finally, click on “Extract PCM”

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Once, you click on “Extract PCM”, the graduate list will display on the screen, as shown below:Nysc graduation list

Pay attention to the column, ”Status”, if you have registered for NYSC before, the status will display “Registered” but if you have not registered, the status will display “Yet To Register”. Then the numbers at the bottom (1,2,3,4,…) to toggle the list.

Thank you for reading this article to the end, if you have any question, use the comment section below.

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Updated: December 18, 2019 — 11:12 am

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  1. Good morning, my name is the Senate list of batch A stream 2 but not in the nysc graduation list, what next.

  2. Good evening, please my name has been posted on the nysc list in school just last week Friday for stream 2 batch A, I did regularization last year July, my name is now on the matriculation list and the course has been successfully changed, Since Friday I’ve been checking my name on the nysc portal online and it’s still saying “no record found” What can I do?

    1. Contact your institution

  3. Pls my name has been successfully uploaded and it says I can register….but someone did correction for me again and submitted the form to school because it was s
    aying not matriculated before….hope it wouldn’t be an issue for me if school tries to upload it again because I am far from school and cant tell them my correction has been done.

  4. Pls my name is on the senate list but when am trying to register, it will day am in stream 2. However your institution have not submitted the hardcopy. What is the problem

  5. Pls my name is not on the graduation list online and I have done my regulaization and even printed my admission letter before,now nysc is saying I cant register because I have not been matriculated

  6. Am a graduate of public administration University of Maiduguri centre for distance learning,I want apply for nysc examption certificate, how do I go about it?

  7. Please If I did not see my name in the school senate list uptoday it’s means that I will never go to Bach A

    1. You have to go and contact your Dean students affairs, he will tell you the problem, but most of this issue caused by omission of data, and mistakes from those that upload the list, thanks

  8. Pls my name is on graduating list and my name has been sent to nysc,,,but the issues is that I did jam regularization and I was offered admission but my name is not on jamb matriculation list but my status says I have been giving admission..will it be a problem if I’m about to register for nysc

    1. Go and reprint your jamb score and jamb admission latter, and retry you will see you name on the list. Thanks

  9. I saw my name on the graduation list but senate list keep saying no record found. What may be the problem sir?

    1. Your institution is yet to submit hard copy to NYSC

  10. Ugheoke Olere Brooke

    My name is on my school’s hard copy but not on senate uploaded list, can I go ahead with registration

  11. My skool has uploaded it’s result but am yet to see dat of faculty of science

  12. My name is on the nysc graduation list bt wen i check on d senate list it keeps showing me no record found contact ur institution.. should i stil go ahead nd register for nysc.

  13. I went to check my name on the graduation list but my name is not there please tell me what to do…
    Or help me sir….

  14. Pls my name is on the Senate list in my school but it’s not on pcm list online.. what do I do pls

  15. Good morning please I am not a present graduate of my school had delay due to jamb regularization I did nysc premoblization capturing in my school around December and I was told I will go with 2020A.present graduate have been seeing their name on the graduation list this morning but not yet on senate name is not included on the graduation list please does this mean I won’t see my name of the senate list

  16. I just discovered I’ve been uploaded on the Graduation list but the Senate list is still showing me no record found yet. Is there a chance I can still make batch A?

    1. Be patient bro, your institution is yet to submit hard copy to NYSC. Maybe they will do that on Monday

      1. I saw my name on,graduation list but Senate list keep saying no records found so,should I go ahead and register online

    2. Yes there is. Just check again on the senate list, but this time around do not include the first two figures of your reg number. Eg if your reg number is 2014/12345 u should supply only 14/12345 and see, if it persists just go to your school students affair.

  17. Please I will like to know in my school I have seen my name in senate list, but when ever I check in Nysc portal it shows no record found what might be the problem?

    1. Have you tried to register online? If not, go and try. Or it might be your institution is yet to submit hard copy of the Senate list to NYSC.

  18. I can’t found my name in Senate list no record found or unimaid has not uploaded their Senate list yet?pls I need an urgent answers pls

    1. You can contact your institution for Senate approved list

  19. Muhammad Alkali Adamu

    Hello I have don my regulirizition I submit all necessary document to my school for mobilization but I can find my name in d Senate list

    1. Maybe your school has not uploaded their senate list

  20. Can one register for nysc before statement of result is collected

  21. I can’t find ma name on graduation list

  22. I have done my jamb regularization and have sumit to student affairs for mobilization,but each time I check my name on jamb list d keep telling me,ur name is not n d jamb list,wat could be d cause


      Go and print your jamb result

  23. Can someone register for NYSC before his result is out? I.e when they graduated but results are not ready.

  24. How do i check mean. Need help please

  25. My school made mistake my year I graduated. I graduated 2017 my result was carry 2018. What should I do now

  26. Ogwulu Ekene Anthony

    I can’t check my name in graduation list till now

  27. Pls if my age has exceeded Nysc will my name come out in the Senate list

    1. Yes, but you will be exempted during your online registration

  28. Pls names of some people I graduated with appeared registered on the graduation list but mine appeared not registered on the graduation list;what could be the cause.i have akso tried to create account for my registration but its showing no details found.pls what do i do

    1. It is because you have not registered. Contact your institution immediately

  29. Olawoyin folasade B

    Please i couldn’t find my name in online graduation list and Senate list but I found it in the graduation list that they pasted in my school and I wanted to register on line its showing no record find please what can I do.

  30. I tried registering but when i got to the state of deployment it is saying no available slot. What do i do

    1. You will go with Stream 2

  31. Is it possible for your name to be on the senate list without ur name being on the graduation list

  32. Good morning sir,
    My institution just submitted the hardcopy of our list yesterday. However, we are not still seeing our names on the Senate list. Sorry, what do you think could be the issue?

    1. Give NYSC little time to cross checking what is submitted to them

  33. Please am yet to see my name on Senate list but my name is in mobilization list also the graduation list has refused to show names after which I clicked entered the requirements and clicked on extra pcm

  34. my name is not on the graduation list and I saw other people’s name that we graduated together

  35. Are they still uploading names because have not seen mine yet only on matriculation list I saw my name

    1. The uploading is on going

  36. Pls my name is on nysc graduation list but if I check my name on senate list it will be showing no contact found. What do I do?

  37. Is it possible to edit my profile?The graduation date i uploaded was incorrect.

    1. You cannot edit your profile

    2. My name is on the graduation list but my status shows yet to register. What does it mean please

  38. Please my senate list status has written this (sorry the name specified has been proviously entered u cannot upload same entry more than once contact your institution u cant register used by none) and my school is helping nw with DAT but I noticed my name is not on d graduating list I hope it don’t mean

  39. My name is not on the graduation list but I have mobilised for Nysc at my school. Does this matter?

    1. So what should I do since I can’t find my name there? I have graduated in 2016 and collected my Bsc as well.

  40. what will happen if u will be 30years old in the month of your mobilization what will happen? my name was on the batch B,STRIM b Senate list but my school didn’t mobilized me because the made a mistake in writing my jamb now I have to wait for batch c,and my date of birth is 29/11/1990.what will happen to me now

    1. You will serve since you graduated before 30 years

  41. There is a discrepancy between the date of birth in my waec and jamb. Pls how can I correct it so I can be mobilized for batch c?

    1. It won’t stop you from registration provided you are not up to 30 years

  42. We were told if you’ve been deployed before and didn’t go to camp, login with your details and automatic revalidation will be done
    but it’s just taking me back to my dash board no revalidation successful or an hint that it was successful
    am trying to revalidate from stream one to two.

  43. On the graduating list if your status is ‘yet to register’ what does it mean?

    1. That you have not done NYSC online registration

  44. when exactly are we checking our names on Senate list

  45. What if ur name is not in the Senate list but in the graduation what will you do ,because my name is in the nysc approved list in my school

    1. If your name is not on the senate list, contact your Institution they are responsible.

  46. Pls is it possible for ur name to be on d graduating list and not be in Senate list?

    1. Yes, it is possible..

      1. Ezennakwe ifeyinwa blessing

        Please what are the reasons why one’s name will appear on the graduating list and not appear on the senate list

  47. Pls wat is d difference between Senate approved list and Senate list

    1. No difference!

  48. Bt d portal is not loading

    1. Follow the steps on the post above

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