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Moniepoint offers a transaction channel platform that allows you to do many transactions while on the move. This entails mobile apps, POS, and SmartPOS, all of which benefit both customers and Moniepoint agents. Today, a POS business is one of the simplest to start since it requires little to no cash, and it is also one of the most profitable. This post will reveal to you how to apply to become a Moniepoint POS agent.

About Moniepoint POS

Moniepoint is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing and most dependable mobile money systems. Moniepoint basically allows you to profit from financial transactions like as transfers, withdrawals, airtime purchases, and more. Furthermore, the firm has one of the greatest networks in town, so the problem of “no network,” which plagues many POS centres, will be a thing of the past for you.

How Can I Get Moniepoint POS machine?

Getting a Moniepoint POS machine is as simple as calling the company’s nearest office. When you arrive at the office, an agent will walk you through the registration process and the actions you need to do to be successful. Also, remember the machine costs around N25, 000, which is less than other service providers’ POS devices. Also, you should only apply for Moniepoint POS equipment at a centre that has been approved. You may also learn more about how to get a point-of-sale equipment for your company.

How to Apply for Moniepoint POS machine

  1. Go to the Moniepoint official website to apply
  2. Fill out the Moniepoint agent registration form and submit it.
  3. After 48 hours of registration, an agent will contact you to validate your email address and phone number. The agent will take you through the process and certify your status as an agent.
  4. Finally, to administer your account, go to the Moniepoint POS dashboard.

Documents Required for Moniepoint POS machine

  1. A legally recognised business licence
  2. Your bank’s confirmation code (BVN)
  3. PHCN bill
  4. Your bank account number identity card, which could be a national identification card, a voter identification card, or any other nationally accepted card

Moniepoint’s transaction Fees

Moniepoint’s transaction fees are extremely low, and perhaps the lowest, when compared to other POS facilitators. Essentially, unlike other POS services, the charges depend on the amount of transactions you do rather than the bank. This set charge is N20 for all Nigerian banks. Furthermore, the fee for withdrawing up to N4, 000 is just N6.2, however, it rises as the amount withdrawn rises. Apart from these, Moniepoint, unlike many other POS service providers, does not collect any additional bank fees.

Moniepoint Contact

  • Phone: +234 814 150 0017 (WhatsApp only)
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:

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