Best Places to Hangout on Lagos Mainland

On the Lagos mainland, there are several spots where you may have fun with your friends. Whatever your reason for seeking a hangout location in Lagos’ central business district, I believe we have you covered. Are you looking for a place to take a date? This list is for you if you’re looking for best places to hangout on Lagos Mainland with friends:

Best Places to Hangout on Lagos Mainland

  • Silverbird Cinemas

Hangout on Lagos Mainland

Silverbird Cinemas is one of the greatest locations to go if you want to see a movie! There are many cinemas on the premises, each with a rotating selection of new releases. If you want to take your date out for some popcorn or beverages, this is a fantastic spot to take them. There are plenty of nice eateries around, so get an ice cream cone while watching a movie!

You must sample their famous churros (Spanish fried doughnuts), which can be purchased from any food court near the movie – delicious! If pizza isn’t what you’re craving right now, don’t miss out on this hangout location.

  • The Palms Mall

The Palms Mall is a huge shopping centre featuring a variety of stores and eateries. It’s also where you can go to see movies, or if you simply want some peace, there are lots of coffee shops available! You may order pizza with your pals or date or visit one of the mall’s many eateries. The shopping is fantastic; there are shops and a department store to explore as well! Ice cream can also be purchased at one of the many mini marts.

  • Genesis Deluxe Cinema Complex, Ikeja

Hangout on Lagos Mainland

There are six screens, as well as a VIP lounge where you may have a drink while watching your movie. The chairs are also quite comfy, so make sure you don’t have any back issues after sitting in them. There’s also an arcade gaming area, if that’s what you’re looking for while you’re hanging out with pals or going on a date.

Even while it is more expensive than Silverbird Cinemas, it is of a superior quality, which compensates for the difference in price. To get your tickets before entering the theatre, you must first purchase them online.

  • MMA Terminal 3 Shopping Area

There are several eateries and even some shops to choose from. It’s ideal for whether you’re waiting for a flight or simply want to have supper at an airport, which is becoming increasingly unusual these days, so don’t miss out when in Lagos mainland.

There are also several individuals selling phone chargers and other computer equipment at the terminal – these could come in handy (weird, I know, but quite interesting). Because MMA was created with travellers in mind, you’ll feel perfectly at home with cuisine from Africa, Europe, and Asia being sold near this hangout place – if your buddy, family, or even your date doesn’t stay in Nigeria, it is a sure place to hangout.

  • Fun World Entertainment Center, Ikeja

This is the place to go if you’re searching for a kid-friendly hangout. You are welcome to come here with your family, children, or even friends. There are several forms of entertainment available, including bumper cars and an open-air theatre. It’s also a great place to take your gal or guy out on a date because they have some pretty excellent eateries.

If you’re looking for something sweet, don’t miss out on their delectable pastries, which can be found at the complex’s cafes. There are also bowling alleys if sitting with pals while drinking coffee from one of the many cafes inside Fun World Entertainment Centre seems more up your alley — there’s plenty to do no matter what mood you’re in.

  • JJT Park

JJT Park is a magnificent park that has been built to stand out from the rest of Lagos’ mainland parks. There are also plenty of seats and picnic tables so you can enjoy your lunch with friends or on a date without having to bring any plastic boxes or bags – everything is set and waiting.

It also borders Tinubu Square, another hangout area we’ve highlighted before (near Fun World Entertainment Centre), so you should definitely go check out JJT Park because there’s much more to see here. Hangout on Lagos Mainland.

When looking for the perfect lunch to share with a friend, family member, or date, there are plenty of food booths to select from. If they’re not busy enough, you may head to JJT Park, which is next to Tinubu Square and was designed as a vacation Leisure Park (equipped with all different entertainment) as a result, no matter when you visit Lagos mainland, it is constantly crowded.

  • Tinubu Square

There are also several excellent restaurants in the Tinubu Square area where you may enjoy high-quality cuisine at a reasonable price. It’s difficult to know where to begin, but don’t worry; there are always lots of people around here who will gladly tell you what’s great.

  • Hi Impact Planet

There’s a lot to see here — even if you’re simply strolling through the park, there will be plenty to keep your curiosity piqued! You could also wish to visit one of their eateries, such as “Hi Hit Pie,” which has been designed as an all-day café selling a variety of pies (or some other type). Hangout on Lagos Mainland

If you are hungry, there are pies, pastries, ice creams, and cakes to choose from, so there is something for everyone. It would be weird if Hi Impact Planet didn’t have enough food options, but luckily, there are food kiosks with a variety of various sorts and flavours to pick from. If you truly want to indulge yourself, you may order drinks here as well.

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