5 Best Banks in Nigeria For NYSC Allowance

Are you looking for the best banks in Nigeria for NYSC allowance account? If yes, then search no more.

So, as part of our promise to give you the best at all times, we take a walk into five (5) best bank in Nigeria to open your NYSC allowance account.

Corps members usually complain on social media due to allowance delay, service charge, etc that they are facing from their banks. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to list the bests banks for NYSC allowance according to corps members perception.

You don’t need to worry again as we have compiled the list of five best banks for optimum services. Please, note that every bank in Nigeria is good for NYSC allowance, and can be trusted.

The criteria corps members used for rating a bank are based on the following;

  • Customers’ service
  • Allawee delivery time
  • Bank charge, and others.

Best banks in Nigeria for NYSC allowance

According to a survey conducted by Nyscinfo.com, below is the list of best banks in Nigeria for NYSC allowance;

1. Zenith Bank

2. United Bank for Africa (UBA)

3. Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

4. Union Bank

5. First Bank.

See complete list of banks approved by NYSC.

SPECIAL NOTE: In the NYSC Orientation Camp, Corps Members are not at 100% liberty to choose any bank they want. However, anyone can insist that he/she needs a particular bank.

Every Corps member must open new bank account in NYSC Orientation Camp for NYSC allowance. The type of account to open is usually current account.

With the account, you can also receive money from other people. It works just like everyday normal account. You can also continue using the account after your NYSC..

If you want us to review this post, kindly contact us.

If you are a corps member, you can tell us your experience with your bank in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “5 Best Banks in Nigeria For NYSC Allowance”

  1. Ogar Linus Ogabo

    Compliments of the Season.
    Please I wish to ask that “What of if you already have Account or Accounts with any of the Aforementioned Banks. Do you still need to open new account again?”

      1. Hi, please I graduated in 2019 but due to this covid-19 we have not been mobilized for service. My question is if our service is extended to next year I hope I won’t have any issues with age? because I will be clocking 30 on the 1st of January 2021.?

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