You will be notified when to print your Call-up letter – Solved!

In this article, we shall look at why you see “Sorry! You are not in this Stream. You will be notified when to print your Call-up letter”.

You will be notified when to print your Call-up letter

A lot of Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) are worried because they couldn’t print their Call-up letters. All the can see on their NYSC ashboard is as follows;

“Sorry! You are not in this Stream. You will be notified when to print your Call-up letter.”

Are you among those that saw that message above on your dashboard when trying to print your call up letter? If you are among, worry no more.

The main reason that message is on your dashboard is because you have been selected to be among Batch A Stream 2.

Stream 2 registration will commence on 13th March, 2020. But since you have completed your registration with Stream 1, you don’t need to register again.

What you should do is to wait until Stream 2 begin to print their call up letters, then you will print your own.

Make sure you do not forget your dashboard login details (Email and Password) because you will need it to access your dashboard before you can print your call-up letter.

Below are some questions and answers to clear you further;

I completed my registration before my colleagues but they printed their Call up letters?

Sometimes, who registered first does not really matter, just be patient, you will go with Stream 2.

Will I register again with Stream 2

No, since you have registered before, just wait till Stream 2 begin to print their call up letters, then you can print your own.

Does it mean I’ve not been posted yet and my own posting will be done along with stream 2?

Yes, you have not been posted. You will be posted when NYSC start posting Stream 2.

If you have additional questions, please drop it in the comment section below.

50 thoughts on “You will be notified when to print your Call-up letter – Solved!”

  1. I registered last month,April 19 but wasn’t get call up later for this month posting neither did I get notified as to when I will be posted for the next batch or stream. I wan worried, hope nothing is wrong with my dashboard?

  2. I registered with stream 1, 20A. I have been posted but I didn’t join them in the camp, I want to revalidate now but there’s no option for it. In the dashboard is, sorry you are not in the stream, you will be notified when to print the call up letter.
    Will there still be revalidation, or I should just wait and print the call up letter when available?
    Also, will I still be posted to the same state?

  3. I registered yesterday (17/03/2020), submitted without any option for States as against other colleagues that did theirs same time and cafe with me. What could be responsible that I wasn’t considered to choose and what’s your advice…?

  4. Hello sir the date of birth that is in my BVN is different from the one in my document is there any problem patainning that

  5. I heard those in stream 2 that registered with stream 1 has been posted, but can’t see it now until stream 2 callup letter is out..

  6. Pls sir rumors has it that there might not be stream 2 for batch A… Till June due to Easter and probably the number of registered graduates… How true is that

    • You said rumor? It is rumor anyway, we don’t analyze rumor, we deal with fact. NYSC said there will be Stream 2 and their registration starts on 13th.

  7. I’m a foreign trained graduate, I registered with Batch A this year 2020. I did the verification last week in BUKAVO CHILDREN SCHOOL AIRPORT ROAD KANO. BUT still seen in my dashboard YOU NOT EVALUATED YET. PLH HELP ME.

  8. I registered with stream 1 and there was error in my date of birth. When I logged into my dashboard today to correct it, I was told dat registration has closed.
    Will I be able to correct it when registration start for stream 2 on 13th?

  9. I registered with batch A but not among stream 1 Can I still register for stream 2 in other to change the States i selected previousl

  10. How soon will the Stream 2 be ready for camp?
    Or how soon will their call up letter be ready.
    This question is to enable one prepare ahead of time if told when exactly the stream 2 call up later will be available.
    Thanks for your time.

  11. Good afternoon sir. I have registered with batch A 2020 still when to Abuja for pre camp verification and I saw a cleared verification slip on my dashboard but am still seeing dis “you have not been evaluated yet ensure all documents are uploaded” pls is’t something to worry about? Tnx

  12. I won’t be going to camp with this stream after I got call letter due to health reasons. Can I go with stream 2 in April

  13. Sir I registered with stream 1 and also did correction of name but it’s yet to reflect on my dashboard and I couldn’t also print my call up later

  14. Please sir, is it possible for one to reselect states on 13th of March when the portal is open for registration again.?

    • Sir please I’m going to register again, I have been mobilised but my name is not in this streem1

  15. Is there another chance 4 some one to be mobilized and register and go with batch A streem 2 withing the stipulated time i.e 13.03.2020

  16. Good mng sir,during my registration I was unable to upload my change of name (newspaper) and d domiciliary leta.will I be able to dat ND op it wnt affect me for posting.tanx

  17. Pls I’m finding it hard to log into my keeps saying registration had closed and I cant edit or continue registration.
    I am a foreign trained graduate. I registered with Batch C last year but i couldn’t do my verification.. i did the verification last week and i havent been able to access my portal..pls help me out


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