Best Cheap Auto Insurance Companies In The United States

When looking for cheap auto insurance in the United States or anywhere in the world, be careful to know what each policy covers and what the minimum coverage needs are in your state. Here, we’ll talk about the best cheap auto insurance companies in the United States and their advantages.

This article includes a list of the cheapest auto insurance providers that offer the best insurance policies, and they all give adequate coverage at fair prices.

What is Cheap Auto Insurance?

Cheap auto insurance is a great way to protect your savings and your budget, but to get the best rate, you might need to do some more research.

Advantages of Cheap Auto Insurance

  • It is not a waste of money to pay your auto insurance payment on a monthly basis. Instead, it acts as a financial safety net in case of an accident.
  • On the other side, finding inexpensive auto insurance may be useful because it frees up money that can be utilized for other areas of your budget, like debt repayment, investing, or saving.
  • To save money on your auto insurance, compare quotes from the cheapest car insurance providers and look for any available discounts. But be careful when it comes to publicity. It can end up costing you more money in the long run to purchase less coverage than you actually need.

What Are The Best Cheap Auto Insurance Companies In The United States

If you are looking to get a quality yet affordable auto insurance in the united states, here is the list of the best and cheap auto insurance companies to choose from:

1. USAA Insurance Company

Price: $36 per month, or $432 per year


Cheap Auto Insurance

To qualify for an insurance with the United Services Automobile Association, you must be a member of the US military, a veteran, or a qualifying family member. There are a number of military-specific incentives offered by USAA, such as discounts on automobile storage while you’re away, which might result in a 60% reduction in your premium.

Although the majority of people are immediately excluded, USAA offers a number of discounts, so most drivers should be able to save even more money if they are qualified for auto insurance. Discounts are available for a variety of factors, including defensive driving training, safe driving, multiple vehicle insurance, family membership, and parking a vehicle on a military installation.

2. Auto-Owners Insurance

Price: $40 per month, or  $484 per year


In 26 states, or just over half of the country, Auto-Owners sells insurance. This regional insurance benefits greatly from the local network of 48,000 agents that enables consumers to receive individualized assistance from their local representatives. Additionally, the average cost for minimal coverage for Auto-Owners is low.

The average cost of Auto-Owners’ minimum coverage insurance is only $382 annually, while the national average for minimum coverage premiums is $565.

It is simple to manage your account, keep track of your claims, and ask for roadside assistance using the smartphone app. Over the course of their more than a century-long existence, Auto-Owners has evolved to incorporate new technology.

Like Travelers, Auto-Owners offers a wide range of discounts that you may qualify for, including bundle savings, student discounts while away at school, teen driver monitoring discounts, and good student discounts.

3. Erie Insurance

Price: $42 per month, or $503 per year


Cheap Auto Insurance

Another century-old company on this list that provides complete coverage to its clients is Erie Insurance. It’s impossible to include Erie on this list because it’s only available in 12 states; still, if you can find it, it’s a good option to think about.

Compared to the national average, Erie’s average annual minimum coverage premium is more than $100 cheaper, at $409. The business also receives good marks from Crash Network for collision repair, minimal numbers of complaints to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and great J.D. Power customer satisfaction scores.

Depending on the coverages you purchase, Erie auto coverage may include pet, ride-sharing (like Uber or Lyft), and personal item coverage.

Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Virginia, and the District of Columbia are among the places where Erie has activities.

4. State Farm Insurance

Price: $44 per month, or $532 per year


Cheap Auto Insurance

State Farm is yet another low-cost option for car insurance, and it works particularly well for young drivers and students. Our findings show that the typical 35-year-old pays $1,312 annually for State Farm. The Better Business Bureau has not yet assigned a rating to State Farm, on the other hand.

Drive Safe & Save Discounts are offered by State Farm to help you keep more money in your pocket. Participating in the program can result in savings of up to 30%. It’s simple to use, and you could even use OnStar or your smartphone to operate the application.

Both the J.D. Power Insurance Shopping Study and the J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study list State Farm; nevertheless, certain regions give it a lower ranking than others.

5. Geico Insurance Company

Price: $56 per month, or $667 per year


Cheap Auto Insurance

The company’s pricing and customer service have made it one of the most well-known vehicle insurance providers, thanks in part to Geico.

Geico is well known for claiming that drivers who switch carriers will save 15% or more, but how does it do this? The company’s all-inclusive discounts hold the solution.

You can be eligible for discounts as a Geico policyholder based on the safety features of your car (airbags, antilock brakes, and antitheft systems), your driving behavior (safe driver, seat belt use), your employment, and the courses you successfully complete.

Geico has received other awards as well. The business just won two Webby Awards, which honor superior online user experience. Geico Mobile won in 2021 for both technical achievement and best practices in apps and software.

6. Traveler Insurance

Price: $86 per month, or $1,035 per year


It is incredible the variety of discounts that traveler’s insurance offers. This insurer offers discounts for safe driving, multi-car insurance, good grades, and even owning a hybrid or electric vehicle. There is something for everyone here.

Additionally, Travelers provides discounts on insurance bundles, allowing you to consolidate your home and auto insurance policies under one roof and save up to 13%. The average annual minimum coverage premium from Travelers is $469, slightly under $100 less than the industry average, according to statistics from Bankrate.

7. Nationwide Insurance Company

Price: $1,341 Yearly


For most drivers, including those with full coverage, minimal coverage, drivers with offences, and young drivers, nationwide insurance costs are moderate (neither expensive nor inexpensive).

Insurance companies rarely disclose how they calculate the cost of their auto insurance coverage. Like many insurance companies, Nationwide levies higher premiums for comprehensive coverage, young drivers, and individuals with moving infractions.

Nationwide offers discounts to assist with the cost of insurance. Among the many options are discounts for being a responsible driver, defensive driving, good students, anti-theft, bundling, paperless, and multiple vehicles.

8. Root Insurance


Different from other insurance providers is Root Insurance. It takes into account your driving habits before your driving history when figuring out how much your car insurance will cost. You must first log your driving habits using the Root mobile app, which could take up to two weeks, in order to get a quote from Root Insurance.

One of the cheapest vehicle insurance providers is Root since it exclusively covers capable drivers and makes fewer claims. On the other hand, Root has the authority to deny coverage if you have a poor driving record.

All the standard coverage options are available via Root Insurance. Each plan also offers roadside assistance. You can get a quote on their official website.

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