Top Cheapest Accommodation In Canada For International Students

Are you looking for inexpensive college housing in Canada? If you’re looking for the cheapest housing options in Canada for foreign students, look no further than this article.

As a foreign student, you have a lot of choices for student housing in Canada. This article will help you find a rental apartment, whether it’s off-campus or on school.

For international students in particular, it can be very difficult to find appropriate housing in Canada. We have taken the time to compile this list of the cheapest housing for foreign students in Canada 2023 because we are aware of how difficult it can be.

Accommodation Options for Students In Canada

If you want to pursue your studies in Canada, you can pick from a variety of housing choices. They may be temporary or permanent, on- or off-campus, and even include communal or private apartments. The majority of Canadian universities help international students locate appropriate housing choices.

Here are the different kinds of student housing options available in Canada;

  • Dormitories

Dormitories are large on-campus residences that are typically designed to resemble hostels. Dorms can shelter up to 30.000 students for the duration of an academic year. Each student is given a room or dorm to live in with three to four other students of the same gender. Additionally, students share common spaces like study rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Due to its proximity to the main campus, this form of lodging is primarily advised for first-year students.

Average cost:

Dormitories are reasonably priced and offer students the chance to meet people early on in their academic careers. On average, you can get one for 250 – 600 CAD per month.

  • Townhouses

Townhouses is another student residence that is typically only available to upper-year students who want to remain on campus. They may not be as big as dormitories, but they typically have three to six bedrooms and can hold up to ten pupils at once.

With single occupancy rooms that you do not have to share with a roommate, townhouses provide more solitude. You also have access to a private kitchen area or cafeteria where you can buy regular meals, a bathroom, and reasonably priced amenities like Internet.

Average cost: 250 – 650 CAD per month.

  • Private Rentals

These kinds of flats are appropriate for college students with larger budgets. Private rentals can be quite expensive, but you can split the cost with other students looking for comparable housing.

Average cost: 1200 – 2500CAD

  • Shared Apartments

Shared apartments are off-campus housing that offers separate rooms in an apartment shared with other students. They provide single rooms with a common kitchen, study, and living area, much like townhouses.

In major places like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, they can be very pricey. If a student does not want to reside on campus, this is their second-best choice. Your institution shouldn’t be your main source of support for this kind of accommodation. However, the colleges might suggest reliable organizations to you for the housing services you require.

Average cost: 400 – 800CAD

  • Home stay

home stays provide international students have the chance to reside with Canadian families while they are studying. When you stay with a host family, you get an equipped private room, round-the-clock internet access, and one to three meals per day. You also get to interact with families from various ethnic backgrounds and learn more about Canadian society.

In most host homes, the family takes care of the cooking and cleaning, giving you more time to concentrate on your academics and lead a full social life.

Average Cost: 375 – 800CAD

  • Sublets

A sublet is when a student who is the only tenant of an apartment briefly rents out spaces or rooms in the same apartment to other students at a discounted rate.

It is a cost-effective choice for students on a limited income. Before being transferred to another student or person, the lease is only valid for the current school year. This kind of unique arrangement can only function if the owner and the tenants have reached an understanding.

Average cost: $900 – $1500 CAD

Things To Ponder When Selecting a Student Accommodation In Canada

When looking for the ideal accommodation in Canada for foreign students, there are a few things to watch out for. They consist of;


Some services are essential for a perfect college apartment. Before renting any apartment, find out what expenses are included for the duration of your stay.

You should have access to amenities like hot water, meal plans, the Internet, and television so that you can live peacefully and concentrate entirely on your studies. Before paying your rent, you must let your accommodation provider know if you have any special wants or requirements.

  • Distance To College Or School

Another consideration when looking for off-campus housing is distance and location. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to travel quickly from your residence to school.

Trips to campus or long drives can interfere with your timetable and reduce your study time. You ought to have no trouble walking, driving, or boarding a transport to get to school.

  • Housing Type

There are numerous choices for student housing in Canada. You must choose the kind of lodging that most closely matches your way of living. It’s less likely that you’ll feel at home in a dorm at school if you value your private. The best choice is a shared apartment.

  • Budget

The first thing to think about before starting your search is how much housing will cost foreign students in Canada. You should have a general notion of how much you can spend on the apartment of your choice.

An off-campus residence typically costs between 500 and 2100 Canadian dollars per month. The area and kind of lodging will affect the cost.

  • Security and Safety

Always prioritize your safety and do adequate study on a neighborhood before signing a lease. Additionally, you can read reviews. If you know any students who have resided nearby, get in touch with them.

Cheapest Accommodation In Canada for International Students

Not every residence you remain in while studying abroad in Canada will be comfortable for you. But you can discover the perfect apartment for you by simply making the right decisions and having a thorough list like the one we’ve provided below.

Casita Student Residences

Location: Vancouver, Ottawa Burnaby, Montreal, Toronto.

Casita helps international students from all over the globe locate appropriate residences. More than a thousand foreign students are housed in Canada’s various states and in Montreal. Casita’s primary objective is to assist students in finding their ideal apartment and have an excellent academic experience.

You will be given an expert support team to help you choose an apartment, navigate the payment process, and, if necessary, secure a guarantor. All their services are totally free and accessible around-the-clock. All expenses, including gas, light, heat, and internet, are included in the prices listed for each apartment. In order to guarantee that foreign students have access to affordable apartments during their studies, Casita works closely with university housing providers.

Fee: $700- $2000

Casita Student Residences

Premiere Suites

Location: Canada

Premiere Suites is the most popular resource for short-term accommodations for students. If you arrive in Canada and require interim housing, this is your best option.

You can discover affordable, fully furnished, temporary homes in student-friendly settings with the aid of Premiere Suites.

Fee: On request

McGill Ghetto

Location: Montreal, Canada

Mcgill Ghetto is a popular location right next to McGill University. It is renowned for having a sizable community of international students. Many affordable college apartments are available in the area. Because of its proximity to Mcgill University, many of its students choose to live here.

Students can readily access the major supermarkets, take strolls through the bustling neighborhood, and enjoy karaoke at neighborhood cafes.

Fee: $175 -$360 per week

Saint John Residence

Location: Saint John, New Brunswick

The Saint John Residence is an on-campus student housing option that gives UNB Saint John students the freedom to live freely in a secure and encouraging environment.

In Saint John, there are three different types of homes, each with a different style of life. They do;

Barry and Flora Beckett

Sir James Dunn

Dr Colin B. Mackay

The three residences have the following features in common;

  • Modern study rooms & TV lounges
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Vending machines
  • Wireless Internet
  • 24/7 security system.

Fee: $1500 – $2613 per month

Totem Park Residence

Location: Vancouver, Canada

International pupils can stay in British Columbia at Totem Park. It is appropriate for first-year UBC students who want enough room and leisure for study in a relaxing environment. It contains all room types and has nine houses with mixed genders.

Totem Park offers the ideal setting for mingling with individuals from various backgrounds; students find it simple to meet new people, go to social events, and locate reading or study partners.

Fee: $ 475 – $995 per month

Douglas hall

Location: Montreal, Canada

Douglas Hall is a dorm for Mcgill students who want to reside on campus. It is built close to McGill’s residences situated north of the main campus.

It is a very large structure with a total of 175 rooms that is split into 8 houses. A communal courtyard, restrooms, television lounges, and a common room with a grand piano and game rooms are all shared by the building.

Fee: $1200 – $1500 per month

Les Prince Hall

Location: Ontario, Canada

Les Prince Hall is a coed dorm for McMaster University students. It is a sizable structure that can accommodate 389 students for a school year. There are single and double rooms with ensuite bathrooms, common areas, a study room on each level, and laundry facilities available.

Fee: $600 – $700 per month


Location: Canada

Students can hire their ideal apartments on Nestpick, a reputable online rental marketplace. In Vancouver and other Canadian cities, there are tens of thousands of verified accommodations for foreign students.

You can look through a variety of tastefully furnished apartments, sublets, and shared housing for foreign students in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto on Nestpick. You don’t have to be concerned about falling victim to fraud because Nestpick verifies every ad before it is posted on the website.

Fee: $109 – $500 per week

Jesuit Residence

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

With 52 private rooms and shared amenities like a lounge, cable television, game rooms, and a pool table, this co-ed residence hall is completely furnished for Concordia University students.

To eat wholesome, deliciously prepared meals from various cultures, students must enroll in the necessary meal plans. Costs for meal arrangements range from $2000 to $2500.

Fee: On request

Harrington Housing

Location: Toronto

Harrington Housing provides international students with completely furnished, safe, and affordable housing in Toronto, very close to the University of Toronto.

Each apartment comes completely furnished with high-speed internet, roomy beds, a smart TV, and round-the-clock security. Additionally, you can gain access to upscale amenities like gyms, swimming pools, rooftop terraces, and butler services.

Fee: $700 -$1000 per month

Dream Apartments

Location: Toronto, Canada

Dream Apartment is a private student housing organization for out-of-country students learning in Toronto, and it is situated in the city’s center.  The University of Toronto is not far from some of the best international student housing in Toronto.

The building offers top-notch amenities so that students can live in a peaceful, convenient, and secure environment.

Fee: Available on request

Trovit properties

Location: Toronto, New Brunswick, British Columbia

Trovit, a leading Canadian housing agency, provides foreign students with a variety of affordable housing options in Toronto, New Brunswick, and British Columbia.

Fee: On request

Acadia Park

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Acadia Park is a residential neighborhood in Vancouver that offers inexpensive, roomy apartments that are completely furnished and equipped with accessible amenities like swimming pools, sports facilities, childcare centers, convenience shops, and much more. Additionally, students at Acadia Park have complete access to the events hosted by UBC Community Services.

Fee: $700 – $1509

Fairview Crescent

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Fairview Crescent provides townhouse-style apartments in a secure setting that is also accommodating to students for foreign students looking for housing in Canada. Each student apartment features a private entryway, a study area, plush furnishings, lovely walkways, and gardens.

Fee: $860 – $1519

Canada Homestay Network

Location: Canada

Homestay Network is a Canada leading student accommodation facility situated in Oak Bay, Canada. Numerous foreign students have benefited from this nonprofit’s assistance in locating cozy residences in Canada. Its offerings are available in 40 Canadian cities.

Since its founding in 2000, it has primarily concentrated on helping international students who struggle to find affordable student housing in Canada with housing aid. To make sure you discover the ideal home away from home, CHN collaborates with a network of Homestay providers.

Fee: $1000 – $1500

Homestay Plus

Location: North York, Canada

Homestay Plus is a private business that offers lodging assistance to international students looking for a homestay or guardianship. The organization has continuously assisted thousands of foreign students in finding housing in Canada since 2003.

Fee: $200 – $300 per week including a full 3 course meal plan

MLI Homestay

Location: Toronto

MLI Homestay offers foreign students living accommodations in Canada. At MLI, local families work together with the international student community to support students in a warm and secure environment, allowing them to concentrate on their studies in Canada and create lifelong memories.

Fee: On request

Campus1 MTL

Location: Montreal, Canada

This is a private student home in the center of Montreal’s downtown. International students can live the best lifestyle possible at Campus1 MTL with quick access to cutting-edge facilities. It can be found on a thoroughfare near McGill University. This makes it the ideal home for McGill University students.

Fee: On request

Regent Student Living

Location: St. Catherines

Regent Student Living provides students with affordable, completely furnished student apartments near Brock University and Niagara College. The complete package is included with apartments; you have unlimited access to high-speed internet, a gym on-site, heat, a smart TV, electronic locks, and much more. The settings are secure, tranquil, and ideal for studying and socializing.

Fee: $685 – $785 per month


Location: Waterloo, Canada

MyRez is a great location to live as an international student. It offers private, affordable accommodation for students near Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo.

Tt is the ideal type of housing for international students residing off-campus in Waterloo. Its services are all-inclusive, so you have complete access to first-rate facilities like gyms, shopping centers, on-site swimming pools, and study lounges.

Fee: $773 – $1150

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