Best Course For Employment In Nigeria (2019)

– List of best course for employment in Nigeria

List of best course for quick employment

Unemployment rate in Nigeria has gone out of control. However, your course of study can be a lucky ticket for getting a job. In this post, I’ll show you the list of best courses to study in the university for quick employment in Nigeria.

Studying a particular course can either increase or decreases your chances of getting a job in Nigeria.

Every course is important and needed in the society but there are courses that are needed more than the others.

Despite the fact that unemployment rate is very high in Nigeria, people are still getting jobs in a daily basis. But some of these job openings are for some categories of graduates.

Haven’t you seen people with first class roaming the streets, and some of those with third class are gainfully employed?

I know you would say is “connection”! Yes, your course of study can connect you to a good job.

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In Nigeria, you cannot compare a Medical doctor and Zoologist in terms of getting a quick job. See 5 steps to study abroad as a fresh graduate.

I don’t want you to regret your course of study in any way. But if you have not gotten an admission, then consider studying any of the courses on my list.

According to statistics, the most used graduates in Nigeria are those who studied Medicine, Library Science, and Marketing.

Those who studied courses on the list below will find it easier to get a job than those who studied other courses. You can check how to upgrade 2:2, 3rd class, and HND for better chance to get a job.

Best course to study for employment in Nigeria

Below are top courses that increase your chances of getting a job in Nigeria.

  1. Medicine

  2. Library and Information Science

  3. Marketing

  4. Accountancy

  5. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  6. Management Information System

  7. Computer Engineering

  8. Civil Engineering

  9. Law

  10. Statistics

  11. Quantity Surveying

  12. Building technology

  13. Physiology

  14. Physics and Astronomy

  15. Economics

  16. Medical Laboratory Science

  17. Computer Science

  18. Chemical Engineering

  19. Psychology

  20. Biochemistry

  21. Estate management

  22. Nursing

  23. Laboratory science

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Having shown you the best course for employment in Nigeria. I think the best of all courses is skills. Nowadays, what they do in the Nigerian universities is cramming theories and sorting. Most graduates can’t remember what they studied in schools. If you get a good skill, then you are good to go.

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  1. What about education, why is it not among the list?

  2. what type of skills are still needed above all the courses

  3. I quote you wrong agriculture of all nation you left it behind please carry out another research all branches of agriculture must be included before your result will be complete

  4. how do u leave out ARCHITECTURE?? Just how???

    1. It is also a nice course but courses on the list cannot be left out.

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