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How to Get Job in Canada from Nigeria in 2022

How To Apply and Get Job In Canada From Nigeria

Because of the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, many people, especially graduates have began to seek for job opportunities in foreign countries such as UK, Canada, USA, Dubai, Germany, Israel, etc. However, the good news is that there is a way you can apply for job openings in a foreign country from Nigeria. Here […]

How To Write A Winning Cover Letter For Job Application

How To Write A Winning Cover Letter For Job Application

Do you want to learn how to write an excellent cover letter for a job application, just to be well prepared for future job opportunities? If ‘yes’, you are reading the right post. Here you will be guided on how to write a winning cover letter for your job application. Also check how to write […]

Tips For Building A Strong Web Developer Resume

Web Developer Resume Template

In our previous article, “web developer resume template“, we highlighted how you can format a winning web developer resume and promised that we would share tips for building a strong resume in the next article. Well, this is that article we promised you we would write. As the technology industry continue to lead the economy […]

Web Developer Resume Template That Will Get You Employed

Web Developer Resume Template

Web Developer Resume Template: Every day, more people are learning coding as the demand for programmers continue to be on the rise in a world that is increasingly going digital. In fact, coders or programmers and web developers are the ones shaping the map of the new world, and this is being done by the […]

Fastest Ways To Get A Job In Nigeria (2021)

5 Fastest Ways To Get A Job In Nigeria

Because of the increasing high rate of unemployment, getting a good job is not very easy in Nigeria so as in other countries, but there are tips to help you. In this post, we compiled fastest ways to get a job in Nigeria. Just keep reading. Also check 5 Best Skills To Acquire And Earn […]

How to convert your CV from Microsoft Word to PDF

How to convert your CV from Microsoft word to PDF

Converting your CV from Microsoft to Potable Document Format (PDF) is paramount as most employers prefer reading from PDF to other document format. This post provides guide on how to convert your CV from Microsoft word to PDF. Check out How to Write a Good CV for Fresh Graduates (with sample). If you are searching […]

CV Writing Services in Nigeria – We help you write your CV

CV writing services in Nigeria

The best CV writing services in Nigeria to give a try. We will help you to write your CV and cover letter. Just read on! Experts at Nyscinfo.com will help you write a professional, error-free and well structured CV that will increase your interview chances. We offer best CV writing services in Nigeria, and also […]

ExxonMobil Salary in Nigeria – How they pay their staff

Exxon Mobil Salary Structure in Nigeria

The ExxonMobil Nigeria staff salaries or the amount the company pays to its workers is not something that is hidden from the public. In this post, we shall look at the ExxonMobil Salary in Nigeria. Read carefully as we take you through the company’s salary structure, work positions and the amount they pay to their […]

List of Best Courses for Quick Employment in Nigeria (2021)

List of best course for quick employment

Unemployment rate in Nigeria has gone out of control. However, your course of study can be a lucky ticket for getting a job. In this post, we shall look at the list of best courses for quick employment in Nigeria. Studying a particular course can either increase or decreases your chances of getting a job […]

How to write a CV and samples of good written CVs

10 States in Nigeria that has Best NYSC Orientation Camp

Writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) can be a difficult task for some people seeking for a job. This is because most job seekers don’t know there is a format for writing CV. In this post, you will learn how to write a perfect CV for employment, and also see samples of good written CVs. Do you know the difference between a CV and résumé? Maybe […]