NYSC Recruitment Portal – How to get a job through NYSC

Nysc recruitment portal

Are you searching for a job in Nigeria? The NYSC Recruitment Portal (NYSC jobs portal) can be your lucky ticket to get your dreamed job in Nigeria.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has launched a job portal, aimed at making graduates recruitment easier for employers. In this post, you will learn how to create an account on NYSC jobs Portal.

Once you have an account at NYSC portal, employers that your qualifications match with their job specifications will contact you for a job offer.

So, the portal is an ideal place for graduates who need a job and employers who want suitable qualified candidates for job offer in their organizations.

However, we at nyscinfo.com learnt that NYSC recruitment portal is basically a platform for employers to connect directly to thousands of graduates all over Nigeria.

The portal has made it easier for both employers and graduates to connect directly to themselves.

How to Register an account at NYSC Recruitment Portal

At NYSC job portal, you can either register as employer looking for workers or as a graduate searching for a job.

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Below are steps to create an account at NYSC recruitment portal as a graduate searching for a job;

  1. Go to the official NYSC jobs website

  2. Fill the registration fields

  3. Click on “Register” button: Once you click on “Register” button, you will see “Your registration was successful. You will need to check your email and click on the provided link to activate your account and confirm your email“.

  4. Go to your Email and click the activation link

  5. Once your account has been successfully activated, you will receive another email showing your login details.

After a successful registration at the portal, next is to update your profile with required information.

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  1. Go to Candidate account login

  2. Provide your Email and Password

  3. Click on “Login”

  4. Once you logged in, a page where to enter your personal information will be shown. If you’re using mobile phone to browse, scroll down to enter your personal details.

  5. After entering your personal details, click “Next” button at the bottom right side to fill additional information form.

  6. Click “Next” to upload your passport photograph. Please, pay attention to size of the passport (450px by 450px) and other specifications.

  7. Click “Next” to privide details of your O-Level

  8. After entering your O-level details, click next to add your educational qualification.

  9. Click “Next” add your employment history if any

  10. Provide details of certification

  11. Next, upload your documents such as NYSC certificate, Birth Certificate, CV, First Degree, and so on

  12. Click “Next” to view your Single Page Profile

  13. Finally, click “Proceed To Application” button.

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Once you completed all the steps, your profile will be visible to all the employers on NYSC job portal, and you will be contacted for job.

In the comment section below, tell us what you think about the NYSC job portal.

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Updated: December 8, 2019 — 1:36 pm

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  2. Wat of those candidates that are still serving and are yet to get a certificate..wat should they do

    1. You can create an account on the portal, upload other documents you have, then wait until you complete your NYSC before you upload your NYSC Certificate. Hope this is clear?

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