Web Developer Resume Template That Will Get You Employed

Web Developer Resume Template: Every day, more people are learning coding as the demand for programmers continue to be on the rise in a world that is increasingly going digital. In fact, coders or programmers and web developers are the ones shaping the map of the new world, and this is being done by the aid of technology.

As the tech world continue to be where money is, at this time, a lot of companies whose business thrive on the digital market are on constant look out for great coders for employment.

But to stand the chance of being employed by any of these big tech companies, you must learn to prepare a web developer resume that reflects the skills you possess to stand the chance of being recruited.

This is because, your resume, basically, tells the recruiter about you in a way that you may not have the opportunity to do. In this article, we will teach you have to draft a winning web developer resume.

What to include in your web developer resume?

There are important information that you must have on your resume. These are as follows:

1. Contact details

Here, include your name, complete address, email, and phone number. Your personal website or portfolio website or LinkedIn address should be included. That is, if you have them ready. This information should be very visible and be placed at the beginning of your resume. If your resume is somehow divided horizontally, place your contact details on the left side.

2. Employment history or personal projects

The employment history section list your work experience in reverse chronological order. If, however, you have limited work experience, you can also include personal projects, internships, and volunteer work.

3. Higher education

This part of your resume should include your educational qualification (degrees), arranged from the most recent to least recent. You can leave your high school diploma out.

4. Technical skills

Technical skills include list of all technologies and tools you are familiar with into categories.


  • Technologies and Frameworks: HTML, Javascript, JQuery, React.
  • Deployment Tools: Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes.
  • Other Tools: Git, Jira.

5. Professional Skills

We understand that you are permitted to create a section for soft skills on a different resume. But for a web developer resume, it is best you go with a professional skills section instead. This will make recruiters see your professional skills as more of problem-solving, team leadership, or code optimization than soft skills like self-motivation or interpersonal skills.


Having discussed how to draft a web developer resume that will get you employed, we will, in our next article, show you tips for building a strong web developer resume. There are the current and widely accepted tips that have helped many web developers secured the job of their dreams.

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