ExxonMobil Salary in Nigeria – How they pay their staff

The ExxonMobil Nigeria staff salaries or the amount the company pays to its workers is not something that is hidden from the public. In this post, we shall look at the ExxonMobil Salary in Nigeria.

Read carefully as we take you through the company’s salary structure, work positions and the amount they pay to their staff.

Before we show you the ExxonMobil salary, let’s take you through the company’s brief introduction because you may wish to work with them.

What is Exxon Mobil?

ExxonMobil is an American multinational oil and gas company. The headquarter is situated in Texas, United States.

Exxon Mobil is the largest direct descendant of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. Exxon merged with Mobil to form Exxon Mobil.

However, it’s one of the highest paying oil companies in Nigeria. Exxon Mobil pays the salaries of its staff in Nigeria in dollars.  Aside from workers’ basic salaries, there are other many allowances and benefits for their workers.

ExxonMobil Salary in Nigeria

Below is the Exxon Mobil salary structure and how much a staff at the company receives annually.

  1. A Process Engineer is being paid between $94,977 and $138,713 annually.

  2. A Chemical Engineer takes home between $73,984 to $221,485 on annually.

  3. Financial Analysts are being paid between $60,590 and $124,109 on annually

  4. Mechanical Engineers earn between $65,400 and $198,659 annually.

  5. Administrative Assistants earns $32,030 to $65,000 annually.

  6. Assistant Store Manager earns between $17,264 and $33,896 annually.

  7. Business Analyst earns between $43,919 and $102,370 annually.

  8. Exxon Mobil Cashier salary is between $16,636 and $26,253 annually.

  9. A Chemical Laboratory Technician salary earns between $37,985 and $104,573 on annually.

  10. A Chemical Process Engineer earns between $33,925 and $95,308 on annually.

  11. A Chemist working in Exxon Mobil earns between $40,989 to $85,147 annually.

  12. A Civil Engineer takes home between $41,608 and $113,352 annually.

  13. Commercial Manager with the company earns between $57,602 and $227,119 annually.

  14. Construction Manager take earn $68,487 and $201,658.

  15. A Control System Engineer at Exxon Mobil collects between $55,794 and $112,951 on annual basis.

  16. Convenience Store Manager salary is $22,584 and $57,166 annually.

  17. Corporate controller at Exxon Mobil takes home between $49,404 and $126,072 as annually.

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