Tips For Building A Strong Web Developer Resume

In our previous article, “web developer resume template“, we highlighted how you can format a winning web developer resume and promised that we would share tips for building a strong resume in the next article. Well, this is that article we promised you we would write.

As the technology industry continue to lead the economy of the world, you need to know that things you should do to position yourself for the opportunities which, ultimately, would change your life and that of your family.

Being in the tech field offers you immeasurable job opportunities beyond the shores of your country. As such you must learn to have a resume that is devoid of blemishes, in order to be considered by recruiters for the best jobs in the tech market.

Tips for building a strong web developer resume

As promised, here are the tips for building a strong web developer resume:

1. Keep it short

Because of the numbers of applications that recruiters get for a job opening, they have limited time to read through long essays and peruse bulky documents. As a result of this, you need to keep your resume very short, with a least two pages, maximum. In fact, a Mystery Job Candidate survey shows that recruiters spend an average of six seconds per resume. This is why it must be kept short.

2. Tailor your resume for the job

Avoid overloading your resume with extensive education or work experience. Read through the information and select what is most relevant to the job you’re applying for. This is to be done every time you are applying for a job.

3. Include keywords from the job listing

Patiently study the job description, identify keywords and add them in your resume. These keywords, usually, can be found in the “Requirements” / “Qualifications” sections of the job listing. If you are applying for a front-end developer position, the job description might contain keywords like “HTML”, “CSS”.

4. Use active verbs

Describe the actions that you will perform within the context of the resume. That is the function that active verbs perform. Active verbs like “accomplished”, “launched”, or “developed” can make your resume stand out among those of other applicants.

5. Proofread and ensure readability

To proofread means to read over again to see if there are spelling errors of bad grammar in your resume. Therefore, you must ensure that your resume is written in a clear grammar to enable recruiters understand it better. You can use a digital writing assistance tool like Grammarly, which detects spelling, punctuation, and other common errors.

6. Use web developer resume templates

Web developer resume templates are everywhere on the net. Some are free while others are paid for. Kindly research on this and big the most beautiful and excellent ones for use. These premade resume templates helps you to organize your resume’s content better and make sure your application looks professional. Plus, a premade template helps you save time for other important things.

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