Best Device To Use In Writing Npower Batch C Test

Are you one of N-power Batch C applicants? Have you reset your password and updated your records? if ‘yes’, then the next step is to write the online test, which is a criteria for selecting the beneficiaries of the scheme.

Before now, we’ve drawn your attention to some vital aspects, especially how to get good scores in the Npower Batch C test, Common Npower NASIMS problems and Solutions, Npower Batch C test portal, among others.

One of the important fact to note is that, the device one uses to access the NASIMS test page matters a lot, as it will determine the level of success at the long run.

Remember the test is a Computer-Based Test (CBT), that requires a device, and good network. Some prospective applicants have already missed their chance, due to the fact that they were unable to submit the test before being timed out.

So, if you are viewing this page right now, and you haven’t written your own test, you should count yourself to be lucky for this post will enlighten you better and also place you in the pathway of success.

Recommended device applicants should use for N-power test

Although, applicants can access the NASIMS test page with mobile phones but the recommended device is laptop (computer), or tablets which has a wider screen that will enable you view the whole test page.

Also, with a wider screen like that of computer system and tablets, you can easily view the time left to complete the test questions, and all answered questions at a glance, giving you more confidence to utilize the twenty (20) minutes test time duration.


  • The test is being timed for twenty (20) minutes, to answer all twenty (20) questions.
  • After submission you cannot retake the test.
  • Skipping a particular question(s) to the next question is not allowed.
  • All questions has equal marks (score allotted is same for all twenty questions).
  • When timed out three (3) consecutive times without submission, such applicant won’t be allowed to access the test questions again.

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