List of Current Best Hospitals in Nigeria

Nigeria’s health industry is stepping up its efforts to deliver better and higher-quality healthcare to all citizens. In general, Nigerian healthcare has several problems and ranks among the poorest in the world. This is one of the reasons why individuals leave the nation in search of better and higher-quality medical care. However, certain healthcare service providers in the country may brag of having well-equipped facilities and providing high-quality health care services that meet international standards. In this article, we will show you the best hospitals in Nigeria.

Here are seven of Nigeria’s top-rated hospitals that provide world-class healthcare services, listed in no particular order.

1. Lagos’ Lagoon Hospital

Best Hospitals in Nigeria

Lagoon Hospitals has been recognised as Nigeria’s best and biggest private healthcare services provider, meeting international standards. Professor Emmanuel and Professor (Mrs.) Oyin Elebute founded it in 1984, and it began operations in 1986 as a supplier of comprehensive healthcare services. As a consequence, the hospital has been accredited and re-accredited by the Joint Commission International, making it the first and only hospital in Nigeria to do so (JCI).

2. Abuja Clinics

The Abuja Clinics, which opened in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in 1989, also has cutting-edge equipment that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of medical and surgical disorders. The hospital has cutting-edge infrastructure, medical equipment, and facilities to support its staff of highly skilled and committed healthcare professionals in areas such as surgery, cardiology, physiotherapy, obstetrics and gynaecology, internal medicine, radiology, and dentistry. Checkout the Best Music Schools In Nigeria and their Tuition Fees

3. Saint Nicholas Hospital, Lagos

 Best Hospitals in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Saint Nicholas Hospital is known for its ability to perform and complete organ transplants. They are recognised for executing Nigeria’s and West Africa’s first kidney transplants. Some of its goals include providing cheap healthcare, promoting trust in Nigeria’s healthcare professionals, and growing the sector.

  1. Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos

Nordica Fertility Centre is one of Nigeria’s most prestigious medical centres for fertility therapy. The clinic, which opened in 1999, offers the most up-to-date and modern assisted reproductive treatments for the treatment of male and female infertility and associated disorders, and its standards are comparable to those of most worldwide hospitals.

5. Noma Children’s Hospital, Sokoto

 Best Hospitals in Nigeria

The Noma Hospital is a WHO-recognized specialty and WHO-recognized hospital in Northern Nigeria. Their primary responsibility is to perform plastic and reconstructive surgery in order to address Noma and the resulting disfigurement. They also focus on community outreach, active case discovery, health promotion, and mental health assistance in partnership with the Nigerian Ministry of Health. Read also Best Places to Hangout on Lagos Mainland

6. Reddington Hospital, Lagos

 Best Hospitals in Nigeria

Reddington Hospital, which opened in 2006, is one of Nigeria’s top hospitals. The hospital has a reputation for providing comprehensive, world-class medical care. The hospital specialises on cardiology, but it also offers services in paediatrics, surgery, ophthalmology, radiology, and psychiatry, as well as Renal Dialysis and Obstetrics & Gynecology. Best Hospitals in Nigeria

7. Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Aro, Abeokuta

The Neuropsychiatric Hospital, which is located in Aro, Abeokuta, in Ogun State, was founded in 1944 and is regarded as Nigeria’s top hospital in terms of mental health care, training, and research. Best Hospitals in Nigeria. Their services include severe mental disease treatment and rehabilitative care, as well as a tertiary referral centre to other psychiatric care facilities around the nation.

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