Best Job Opportunity Placement for Nigerian Immigrants in USA

It is believed that anywhere you did not find a Nigerian in the world, it simply means that there is no progress there and you are advised to relocate.

Best Job Opportunity Placement for Nigerian Immigrants in USA

This analogy although has become a cliche and some sought of dry joke, it goes a long way of testifying how enterprising Nigerians living Abroad are contributing to the development of their host countries.

According to Foreign Policy, Nigerians living in the United States sent home about $6.2 billion dollars in 2019 and the figure us expected to climb even higher considering the fact that more Nigerains relocate every year.

This article examines the best places to secure job placement as an immigrant in the United States of America.

Best Workplaces for Immigrants

In order to work in the US or any other country, an immigrant must secure a work permit which serves as an official permission to work in the country.

To do this, the immigrant must first find a job that will be the basis of entry. The immigrant also must be intentional about where he or she wants to work in as support from fellow countrymen who has stayed in the country for a while will come in handy.

For an example, a recent study by Pew Research Centre shows that over 346 thousand Nigerians are living in the US and a large percentage of them stay in either Texas, Maryland or New York.

This simply means that Nigerains trying to relocate to the US needs to look out for such places as chances of meeting fellow countrymen are higher.

A lot of companies in the US offers Visa sponsorship to their employees. This means that the process of obtaining the visa becomes easier.

Best Job Opportunity Placement for Nigerian Immigrants in USA

Listed below are the top companies that offer visa sponsorship to their employees.

1. Google

Google engages in advertising technology,web search algorithm and cloud computing. They have over the years helped more than 17,000 of their staff obtain visas and work permit in the US.

2. Amazon

This is the world’s largest e-commerce company and one of the best employers on visa sponsorship. The have thousands of immigrants working for them and their business interest is in Human Resource, Area and programme management amongst other things.

3. Deloitte and Touche

This company specializes in accounting and consultancy. They have over the years issued Visa and work permit to both the experienced and junior immigrant staff.

4. Accenture

This company is into programming and other IT related businesses and they source for employees all over the world.

5. Infosys

This company is into the development of software for e-commerce and telecommunication industry players. They have helped issue over 55000 work visas to various people around the world.

6. Microsoft

This company has over 18000 and over the years developed a reputation of being friendly with different kinds of people.

Apart from the above listed, there exist other ways of getting jobs in the US as an immigrant.

Positions like software developer, medical assistant, baby sitter, cleaners are always available for Immigrants especially students.

These jobs are always in high demand and offers a genuine and legitimate ways of making money not only for survival but an avenue to send some back to the country.

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