A-Z Process on IELTS Testing in Nigeria

Want to study abroad? Then you must have heard of the IELTS which stands for International English Language Testing System. Here we will show you the A to Z process on IELTS testing in Nigeria.

IELTS Testing in Nigeria

This is the examination meant to test the candidate grasp of the English language. This testing covers the core language skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing).

A-Z Process on IELTS Testing in Nigeria

Below are the easy steps on how to go about the process of IELTS.

1. Locate the nearest IELTS test location

The very first step is to locate the nearest IELTS test location. The British Council is the primary designate centre for the testing in Nigeria and has examination centres scattered around the country.

The prospective candidate is meant to look the centre nearest and more convenient to him. These centres conducts about five tests per month. This is also followed by the candidate’s choosing the type of test best suited for him.

2. Register for IELTS

The next step is to register for the test. The candidate needs to register online and pay the application fee online or download the form and fill it out manually and submit to the nearest IELTS Centre.

Candidates are advised to read carefully the instructions and guidelines on the British council site to know the best suitable examination for him.

The contact information is needed for the registration as well as a copy of international passport is also needed, both for the examination and registration.

Efforts should be made to select the most appropriate examination date, time and venue of the examination and it should be double checked on the British council website to know the available dates.

3. Gather required documents and fee

Once the registration is done, relevant documents like international passport, birth certificate and other documents should be uploaded with the application fee paid either through the debit card or bank draft.

A confirmation text which is sent to the candidate once the application is completed.

This text confirms the date, time and venue of the examination. The speaking and writing test normally takes place on the same day with the later part being done seven days later.
How to check the IELTS Score.

If a candidate has any question about the IELTS results or wants a preview of the results, it can be done via the following ways and time depending on the method adopted by the candidate.

  • Paper Based: The result of the paper based IELTS test results takes about thirteen days before it is made available.
  • Delivered IELTS: This method is for candidates that took the online test. This method is normally faster as it takes about five to seven days before it’s being delivered to candidates.
  • IELTS for life skills: This type of test is meant for candidates who are trying to relocate to the United kingdom for work related purposes. The results also is delivered fast and it takes within seven days to be made available.
  • IELTS for UKVi: This test is also written for visa and immigration purposes and it’s pure non academic related. The results are made available within thirteen days. The results can be viewed online using a link sent by the examination centre or the British council website but it can only be made available within the month of the exams.

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