Best Mobile Apps To Get Quick Loan In Nigeria

Many people have been asking for where they can get fast and convenient loan in Nigeria. In this post, we will show you the best mobile Apps to get a quick loan without collateral in Nigeria. You can check out list of federal government free-interest loans in Nigeria.

Many people need funds to settle the financial problems in their business. During this challenging time that Covid19 has posed a serious challenge on businesses and livelihood in the country. However, there is a way out of this, considering the fact that getting loans from banks takes a lot of time, and still may not be visible to people.

That is why getting a loan from online lending App is highly recommended because it is easily accessible and its affordability is considerable and convenient. See how to get a quick loan by dialing USSD code on your phone.

Best loan Apps in Nigeria

Below is the list of four (4) mobile applications for business and personal loans in Nigeria;

1. Paylater (Carbon)

Paylater (Carbon) is an online lending APP that is very convenient and affordable to access. The App provides individuals and businesses with loans to meet their financial needs. However, it’s a short time loan! The most interesting part of this app is that it gives up to #500,000 loan to its borrowers without collateral. When you apply and your application is granted, the funds are always given within 1-3 working days of application.

However, paying back your loan on time (if possible before the agreed date) will grant you opportunity to get higher credit loan for your next loan requisition.


Palmcredit is another App where someone can get online loans that can be used for business and individual purposes. It uses a virtual credit card which makes it convenient for people to get loan anytime and anywhere. This app offers up to N100,000 loan to individuals or business and processes its disbursement within 5 minutes using your smartphone.

Application for your credit limit is successful within few minutes and you can proceed making loan request with no other steps or process before it can be approved. Repaying on time makes your credit score to be updated and your level of requisition becomes higher.

3. Kiakia

The word “Kiakia” is a yoruba word meaning “fast fast“. And by implication of the name, Kiakia is a very reliable App that lends money in Nigeria. It is quick and easy to access. Kiakia is always available to lend money to individuals to operate the business.

4. CreditVille

CreditVille is another platform that one can get a loan from. They give cash loan for individuals that are salary earners or owners of business to meet their financial needs.

At CreditVille, you can access loan offers between N100,000 – N400,000 for 18 months without collateral. Either you need a vehicle loan or any other financial needs you have, CreditVille is readily available.

Their loan is easy and fast to get. You need not go through stress like that of a bank. In fact, CreditVille is good for salary earners and businesses owners. You can repay your outstanding steadily.

Benefits of online loan Apps

The easiest means to get a loan in Nigeria is to get it through Online Loan App(s). The online lending is the fastest method. Within a few minutes, your application is approved, and you get credited.

Below are some benefits of online loan apps:

  • You can use your application anytime and anywhere. It works throughout the clock. i.e. it is available 24hours per day.
  • Collateral is not needed
  • It is quick
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • You will get credited directly to your bank account.

See list of federal government free-interest loans and how you can apply for each of them.


Online loans apps help you solve your financial problems, either for business or personal purposes. That is the main reason I have to commit myself to research and bring up this most convenient method of getting loan in Nigeria without collateral.

Kindly note that there are terms and conditions require for each app regarding their operations. Look for the one that suits you and download it from Google play store.

If you are borrowing for business, ensure you make proper planning to avoid difficulty of repayment, and if it’s on personal purpose, ensure you have a steady means of income through which you can pay back.

However, online lending apps is not limited to this four Apps. There are other Online lending Apps on the internet.

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