How To Get Quick Loan by Dialing USSD Code On Your Phone

A lot of people do not know there is a way they can get instant loan just by dialing a short code on their mobile phone. In this post, we will show you how to get quick loan by dialing USSD codes on your mobile phone.

The advent of technologies have changed the business world and financial platforms. Now, making it easier to access a loan within a minute without paper work.

If you have a phone number that is connected to your bank account, you can easily get low-interest loan without collateral.

List of USSD codes to get quick loan

Below is the list of mobile codes to get quick loan in Nigeria;

1) Ab Microfinance bank: to get instant loan from Ab Microfinance bank, dial 389755# now!

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2) Access Bank: do you need instant loan from Access bank? If ‘yes’, dial this USSD code 90111# on your mobile phone.

Please, note that you cannot access large amount by using these codes. However, if you need large amount, check out list of federal government free-interest loan.

3) Accion MFB: dial this code 5726#.

4) Airtel quick cash: to access instant loan from Airtel, dial this code *561#

5) Aledin nano: the code to access quick loan from Aledin nano is, *903#.

6) Etisalat loan: you can also get loan from Etisalat by dialing *561# on your mobile phone.

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7) Fairmoney loan: simply dial this USSD code 3226#, them follow the prompt instructions.

8) FCMB: to get quick lian from FCMB, use this code *329#

9) Glo money: wow! This code is for Glo money loan. Just dial this code, 322104225701amount#

10) GT Bank loan: dial this short code 73751*51#

11) Interswitch loan: the code for Interswitch loan is *322#

12) Kwik cash loan: dial this code *561#

  1. Mtn cash loan: to access this loan, dail this short code 6064#

Hope this help? See list of federal government free-interest loans.

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Updated: July 31, 2020 — 9:37 am

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